THIS is The Secret to Keep
Conversations Going With Girls...
From The Desk of Jon Anthony
Washington, D.C.
Dear friend,

There's nothing more frustrating than when you're talking to a cute girl and your mind goes blank.

She gets that bored look on her face... looks at her feet... then excuses herself to go talk to some other guy.
That's why my partner Mark Sing and I created a strategy to ALWAYS give you something to talk about with a girl.

So when your mind goes into screensaver mode, you can pull out pre-memorized questions... statements... and "chick crack" that will keep the conversation going...

...and going

...and going

...all the way into your bedroom!

We also wanted to make sure these conversation bites create ATTRACTION.

So even if she wasn't attracted to you when you first approached...

She will be attracted to you by the time she experiences the clever conversation you're going to offer her.

The solution we came up with is called The Conversation Sniper.
It gives you 101 attraction building snippets so YOU WILL NEVER RUN OUT OF THINGS TO SAY AGAIN!
Here Are Just 7 of the 101 Lines You'll Get With This Hugely Popular Program...
  • Challenging Set-Ups: You: "Do you like to travel?" Her: "Yes" You: "Then travel over there." (as you jokingly push her away).
  • Statements to Build Intrigue: "You do this one thing that's sooo cute. But I don't want to tell you what it is, because then you'll stop doing it."
  • Teasing One Liners: "You and my grandma should totally go pick up guys together."
  • Future Pacing Questions: "If you were in kissing school what grade would you get?"
  • Frame Control Reversals: Her: "Why are you wearing XYZ?" You: "I know you're trying to get me undressed right now, sweetie. But this isn't the time or place for that. Relax."
  • Conversation Savers: "Alright, I'm going to show you a picture of my dog/cat/bird. Just to warn you though, this picture is so cute rainbows are going to shoot out of your ass when you see it."
  • Fresh Things to Talk About: "If you could do anything with zero chance of failure, what would that be and why?"
Making Hot Girls Laugh is The Quickest Way to Get Them Attracted to You
Mark and I have spent a combined 30 years of our lives mastering the art of speaking to women.

And we've found that making hot girls laugh is the quickest way to get them attracted to you.

We pride ourselves on our ability to make girls laugh literally any time we want to.

But despite what people think, we're actually not that funny.

Nor do we have some kind of instinctual wit.

The truth is, we've simply memorized a bunch of funny lines and we repeat them like a parrot.

What results is girls cracking up... then they get attracted to us... then they want to fuck us.

It really is that easy.


Through countless approaches we've thought of some seriously funny one liners that build attraction entirely on their own.

We've had girls straight up cough a lung when they've heard these things.

And the next thing you know they want to fuck us.

We've also thought of enticing questions to ask girls when the conversation hits a lull or runs out of steam.

Over the years we've added these kinds of lines into our growing notebooks.

Then finally, we compiled them into our all time favorite program — The Conversation Sniper  (seriously, we're really proud of this book).

We usually sell The Conversation Sniper  for $33.

But since you're a visitor to my blog — and since you've already shown you want to get better at speaking with women — we'd like to get you into this program for only $7.

Yes, I know that's less than what you'll spend on lunch tomorrow.

But we love this book so much we want you to have it!

Plus, we think it's a good introduction into the high quality products we offer.

And it could be your golden ticket to finally blasting past the common sticking points of:
  • Running out of things to say
  • Not getting attraction in your conversations
  • Getting more losses than wins when you speak to girls
With This Book in Your Back Pocket You're Going to Be UNSTOPPABLE in Your Conversations With Women
Just load up your favorite lines on your cell phone.

Then before you approach a girl, review them and prepare them for launch.

Girls will be laughing... sliding their hands down your chest... and looking for excuses to sneak their numbers into your pocket.

They'll say things like: "You're a player aren't you?"

And you'll say: "Yup, I got 6 numbers today. One more, and I would've had a full phone number!"

Even if you don't get The Conversation Sniper  today, I want you to learn something valuable from this page...

Making girls laugh is the quickest way to make them fuck.

When you can make girls laugh, your game will increase EXPONENTIALLY.

I'd say it's the most important element to game...
"I got this book off Jon's website and holy crap there are some genius lines
in there. Girls absolutely eat it up and they work like gangbusters over text too.
I'd always run out of things to say cuz girls are boring af, but now I have preset conversation
topics lined up and ready to go and my conversations keep the good vibe going as long as
I want. I highly suggest this book. And at just $7 you'd be crazy not to grab it."

-Mike Santiago, 26, USMC
The Conversation Sniper  is the only book in existence that gives you field tested lines... teasing statements... conversation savers... and a giant vault full of chick crack that adds substance and depth to your conversations with women.

So if you're ready to guarantee you'll never run out of things to say again...

If you're ready to have the power to MAKE girls attracted to you...

And if you're ready to be the winner in every set...

Then just click the Instant Access  button below and secure your own copy of The Conversation Sniper  NOW!
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Your Brothers in the Sniper Hide,
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