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Normally $197

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The Seduction Secrets You're NOT Supposed to Know
From The Desk of Jon Anthony
Las Vegas, NV
Dear friend,

It doesn't happen often...

But sometimes a single idea ... a stunning revelation ... finds its way into your possession.

And with that one discovery your life is never the same again.

I believe what I'm about to share will be one of those life altering events.

Because in the next 3 minutes you're going to learn the most powerful secret for attracting women ever created.

You're going to activate an attraction switch that 99% of men don't know exists inside them...

And you're going to do it without learning played out "pick up techniques" ... or enduring one more painful rejection.

Sounds too good to be true?

I admit, this information isn't for everyone.

So if you think your life can't change with a single idea, then no hard feelings.

I'll understand if you click away right now.

But if I have your attention, then READ ON...
The Secret of Ancient War Cultures
The Spartans ... The Romans ... The Celts ... The Samurai.

What did these cultures have in common?

Sure, they went to extreme lengths to master warfare.
But more than that, they went to extreme lengths to raise their masculinity.

They understood that battle is a man's game. And coolness under pressure is a byproduct of high testosterone.

So they trained to be MEN.

They developed proven strategies to raise their masculinity ... to smile in the face of death ... and to carry themselves with a confidence that average men just didn't have.

These strategies had impressive side effects as well...

Historians tell us the Spartans had to fight off troves of women that would "do just about anything to lay with a Spartan."

And Samurai would be in so much demand they avoided towns just to give their manhood a chance to heal.
The Tragic Loss of The Most Potent Attraction Switch Ever Created
Ancient Warriors were irresistible to women because they knew how to develop their masculinity.
So when did men lose this knowledge? When did they become such pussies?

Maybe it was the advent of gunpowder and technology.

Or maybe it was the slow and steady emasculation of men in modern society.
Regardless of why, there’s an interesting loophole that has developed for guys like us. 

In the breakthrough books “The Queen’s Code” and “Beyond Mars and Venus” — as well as hundreds of scientific studies — research shows the majority of heterosexual women are disappointed by the lack of masculinity in men.

Studies further indicate that 93% of women “strongly prefer to have sex with men who demonstrate above average masculinity.”

Or, as one of my hot female friends put it, “I want a man. Not a girl that looks like a man.”

What's more…

Women can actually SMELL when a man has higher than average testosterone levels — and they become more attracted to him because of it.

You see, modern women are LET DOWN.

They're desperate for REAL MEN.

That's why they spend 1.8 BILLION dollars a year on romance novels!

And that's why normal guys are cheated on over and over again.

When you display the masculinity that is so painfully lacking in men these days, you’re attractiveness to women flies off the charts.
A Single Idea to Revolutionize The Seduction Industry
My story is similar to other seduction coaches.
I was Insecure. Pathetic. Rejected.

Who wasn’t though, right?


While other seduction coaches were developing fancy tricks and cute techniques, I focused on how to develop my masculinity.

You see, I understood a critical concept:
If your masculinity isn’t handled, you’re not going to be as effective as you could be with attracting women.

It’s like throwing a ball without using your legs.

You can do it...

But you’re missing 50% of your potential power.

So I asked myself:

“How did ancient cultures develop their masculinity?”

“What secrets did they possess?”

“What techniques did they use?”

And most importantly…

 “What would happen if modern men had access to these secrets?”

I spent YEARS in dusty libraries...
I braved every dark corner of the internet...

I endured countless hours of neck straining research to unearth hidden gems NO ONE in the seduction niche is teaching.

In the end, I collected a treasure chest of proven practices for developing masculinity.

I hammered these practices down into 7 strategies that men like you can immediately apply to your life.

These strategies are simple … fun ... and they’re proven to raise your testosterone levels while they raise your masculinity. other words, they make you feel GOOD and keep you HEALTHY.

Most importantly though, they explode your attractiveness to women like no other method, program, money, power, looks, or workout routine can.

Anyone who learns these 7 strategies will tell you…

Developing your masculinity is the single most important thing you can do to make yourself more attractive to women.
7 Strategies to Develop Your Masculinity

Normally $197

I tested these 7 strategies with 26 students.

To a man, each student started landing 5-6 times the phone numbers, first dates, and sex than they were previously.

A few students — especially those who struggled the most — even reported they were getting 10x the action they were before.

And the best part…



Because women can immediately detect a man’s masculinity.

And they’re so desperate for masculine men they'll do just about anything to meet one.

The results my students and I got were so compelling I pencil-whipped the principals into my book: “7 Strategies to Develop Your Masculinity”
Since its inception it’s been called “One of the most important books to grace the seduction niche since ‘The Game’ in 2005.”
Or, as one student said, “That one giant puzzle piece I knew was missing but could never figure out what it was.”

Methods … Tricks ... Techniques … Games … Gambits...

All those things are unnecessary.
  • You Don't Need to Change Who You Are...
  • ​You Don't Need to Become A Knuckle Dragger or a Douche Bag...
  • ​You Don't Need to Memorize an Infinity of Fancy Lines...
  • ​You Just Need to Emit Signals That You're A Fucking MAN!
You’ll exude a certain smell ... and vibe ... and pheromone that makes women 10x more attracted to you...

You’ll experience what it’s like to have girls come talk to you and push their phone numbers into your pocket...

You’ll FINALLY BE THE MAN at social events; the guy that every girl is thinking about fucking...

You’ll experience how good it feels to have a hot girl look up at you with her angelic eyes as she unbuckles your belt and slides your underwear down to your ankles...

And you'll improve in all aspects of your life while you discover a new level of happiness and fulfillment...

Nope, this isn't a pipe dream.
This is what happens when you unearth lost secrets with YEARS of dedicated research.

And now this book can be yours, too.

Every secret …

Every method …

Every strategy ever created to develop irresistible masculinity are waiting for you inside THIS BOOK.
    Here's What You'll Discover When You Get
    "7 Strategies to Develop Your Masculinity" Today
    Strategy #1 - Develop Your Masculine Purpose
    • First, you’ll learn how to identify your “masculine purpose” ... and how doing this one simple task will set you on a clear and concise roadmap to achieving more happiness … and more women.
    • You’ll learn how to leverage your strengths, expertise, and passion to design a life that delivers true fulfillment and unsurpassed attractiveness to women ... without withering away in a dead-end 9-5 ... and without having to change who you are to fit some mold.
    • The easiest way to get an unshakable confidence that stands above 95% of other men … and how to use your newfound confidence to dominate the competition in your chosen field of battle
    • How to set goals you’ll actually follow through on. And how to achieve them without making yourself your own slave ... and without getting distracted by the next shiny object. 
    • How to cultivate decisiveness and non-neediness through your “Eulerian Destiny” ... and how to use it to skyrocket your natural attractiveness to women.   
    Strategy #2 - Master The Lost Practices of Ancient Warriors
    • In this module you’ll learn how to get in touch with the animal within ... and how to tap into the lizard brain to call upon long-forgotten survival instincts (this was a central tenet of the Spartan’s “Warrior Development System”).
    • 5 bulletproof strategies to temper your discipline regardless of how “out of control” you might be right now. And why getting control over your impulses will make you feel 10 times better than when you give into them. 
    • The one thing you can do RIGHT NOW to boost your core confidence ... set healthy boundaries … and make the women in your life respect your newfound self esteem. 
    • The 7 essential steps to conquering fear and how to avoid the plight of most men which is to be paralyzed and immobilized, with a life dictated by the whims of superior men.
    • How ancient cultures developed true and impenetrable self esteem. And how understanding your primal masculinity will help you transform into the best version of yourself in days rather than years.  
    Strategy #3 - Sharpen Your Survival Instincts
    • First, you’ll get a powerful exercise that establishes self reliance deep in your “survival brain” and why it skyrockets your masculinity by 2-3 times. 
    • You’ll learn how to get an irresistible “Alpha Funk” that women are instinctively drawn to ... and how to set the stage so hot girls approach YOU. 
    • How to completely eliminate the negative side effects of a “beta lifestyle” including chronic pains, ADHD, depression, and anxiety.
    • Why experiencing the ways of our ancestors will give you a new perspective on what it means to be a man. And how that perspective will immediately shift how women feel in your presence. 
    • How to tap into your primal manhood with what I call the “Alpha War Cry.” And why once you deploy this technique your life will never be the same again. 
    Strategy #4 - Crush Your Most Sinister Addictions
    • The one addiction that nearly all men have ... and how to kick it to give you better social acuity, higher confidence, more energy, more focus, a purpose driven libido, nonexistent approach anxiety, and a deeper, more relaxed voice. 
    • What you’re doing everyday that puts you into a “masculinity dump,” and how to shift your habits to power-up your masculine reservoir to full capacity.  
    • 3 ways to channel your newfound masculine energy into a life worth living ... and how to find the happiness and fulfillment you might be searching for, but still lacking.
    • The brilliant way to get a giant edge if you’re nervous, bad at speaking, or lacking in confidence. You’re going to kick yourself for not thinking of this, and you’ll be heading out the door before you finish slapping your forehead. 
    • You’ll get my entire fiercely guarded list of masculinity building resources — the same list I spent over 12 years of my life compiling — and the list that has given me and my students the fulfilling lives we lead today.
    Strategy #5 - Game Immersion
    • In this section you’ll learn how to get a critical element of masculinity in place to give you razor sharp game … without having to learn a bunch or routines and without having to endure the punishing pain of rejection. 
    • You’ll be shown how masculinity relates to femininity on an intimate level ... and you’ll realize how differently women react to you when you act like a real man.
    • The hidden secret to getting good at game in one tenth the time with 10 times the results ... without fearing rejection and without having to change who you are as a person. 
    • The step by step process hundreds of my students have deployed to go from virgin to 1 new girl a week … in MUCH less time than you think!  
    • You’ll get my “Golden Rule” of seduction ... and why a masculinity/femininity dynamic MUST BE PRESENT when attracting women. You’ll be shown how to quickly spike your masculinity to energetically attract it’s opposite — GIRLS. 
    Strategy #6 - Master Your Mindset
    • In this section you’ll get the often misunderstood play between immersion and maintenance when going after your goals ... and how stacking energy deliberately between the two will boost your effectiveness by over 200%.
    • You’ll learn how childhood trauma may have trapped you in a “shadow personality” … and how to destroy dysfunctional programming to reveal the iron-clad confidence and masculinity you’ll be shocked to find inside you. 
    • The 6 critical questions you can ask yourself right now that will give you a crystal clear roadmap to your TRUE dreams and desires.
    • The single best way to get in touch with your masculinity, and why you’re going to absolutely LOVE this strategy!   
    • The 8 ways early experiences have stifled your masculinity ... and the 5-step protocol to quickly heal your dysfunctions while you reclaim your masculine energy and multiply your attractiveness to women.
    Strategy #7 - Forge Masculine Wisdom
    • In this final module you’ll learn the Rule of ⅓ — One of the most useful rules I’ve ever encountered for keeping yourself in the perfect “wisdom matrix” — compounding your growth and success on your journey to the top
    • You’ll discover where the warrior spirit lives strong within you ... and the 5 step process to let that warrior shine through ... crushing goals and moistening the panties of beautiful women like you were the god of war himself.  
    • How you’ve already proven your desire to learn (by reading my blog and this letter), and the step by step process to leverage that rare drive into unparalleled success in life — not only with women, but also with your finances and health.
    • How to correctly give in to your desires to fuel motivation ... and how to leverage life’s pleasures to develop unshakable discipline  
    • Finally, you’ll get the most powerful daily routine I’ve ever discovered to spark intense focus, enhance alertness, and increase motivation while you jack your testosterone levels through the roof.
    Remember, this is the only course on the market based on the 7 core masculinity strategies developed by societies who’s entire freedom rested on the shoulders of their warriors. 
    But Don't Just Take My Word For it. Look What Others Are Saying About The "7 Strategies"

    "If You have A Dick, You NEED This Book!"

    ​"This book honestly needs to be read by every man, because it's different than most masculinity or self-help books."

    "7 Strategies already has actionable advice in the first chapter, and Jon forces you to write down, think about, and implement these things, BEFORE you proceed with the book."

    "Definitely get the 7 Strategies. It has great value, it's very easy to digest, but hard to master... and that's the point."

    Shane Grayson
    -Green Bay, Wisconsin
    "Girls can literally just SMELL the extra testosterone in me now."
    ​"After using strategy #2, everything else in my life magically seemed to fall into place. I developed more confidence from just a few weeks of using this strategy, than in the past 5 years of my life combined."
    "Now, women come up to ME and start talking to ME! This has NEVER happened EVER before in my entire life, so I'm convinced it was your program! Thanks so much, Jon!!! You've got a follower for life now.
    "Everything I was doing was half assed. I would've been fine if I died tomorrow. I was numb, I gave up. I already "died," and it's hell. I had no idea you went through the same thing..."

    "Now I feel like I have some direction. I feel like I have some hope...I came to love improving myself and seeing results - that's what motivates me. Overall dude, you brought tears to my eyes...thanks Jon."
    Jason Swanick
    -London, England
    "I finally met my dream girl."
    ​"As someone who was raised in a completely effeminate household, where my Dad was a total beta male, I was so desperate for a solution."
    "I decided to give your 7 Strategies a chance, because I'd been reading your blog for a while and you give out good advice...after just a few weeks of employing your strategies I've been completely blown away."
    "Long story short, your program completely transformed my life. I ended up meeting a girl, chatting her up, getting her number, and she is my absolute dream girl...thanks a ton, Jon!
    "When I bought your eBook I was depressed, lazy, unmotivated, and had absolutely no vision in life. I remember I had no reason to live, and I spent all day just fucking around numbing myself...

    "Then one of the best things that could've ever happened took place...I decided to buy your 7 Strategies eBook."

    "I'm writing to thank you, because after six months of applying your strategies I feel like a completely new man."

    "I'm making more money. I'm more confident. I'm happier than I've ever been. I feel incredible, and I even have a stunning girlfriend that I absolutely love."
    “Dude, your bonus Strategy #8 is absolutely INCREDIBLE..."
    “I literally did it for the first time today and felt like my veins were surging with energy and masculine drive! I actually drove to my girlfriend's house right after doing it, and she told me that I seemed different."
    "I started explaining what I had been doing and she literally just grabbed me and started making out with me. I have no clue how you discovered this routine, but it works like a fucking charm! It's like the girls can just SMELL my extra testosterone!"
    Zachary Meeks
    -Odessa, Texas
    Kaito Takahashi
    -Kitoshiobara, Japan
    "I cannot believe how fast I change from Strategy #2 and Bonus Strategy #8..."
    "My newfound confident ways have led me to start a business moving food in and out of my village, and girls took note." 
    "I feel like I am masculine for the first time ever. I feel like I am a man."
    “Sorry about English, it is not my first language. My name is Kaito, I am from Japan."
    “Mr. Anthony, I was very hesitant at first to purchase your 7 Strategy, but now it seem my life is changing more each day."
    "In my village, men are discourage from act masculine by the women - when we try to assert our self or be confident, our mothers say: 'Stop standing out!' and tell us to act shy and fit in."
    "This is very common in Japan, but I do not like it. I am tired of constant fear and anxiety around women, I just want to be normal man! Why is this so hard nowadays?!"
    "I decide to purchase your eBook, and like you say I follow exactly what you recommend. I now earn twice as much yen as prior, and have three girl who want me as they boyfriend! My newfound confident ways have led me to start a business moving food in and out of my village, and girls took note."
    "I cannot believe how fast I change from Strategy #2 and Bonus Strategy funny, because Japan give birth to the Strategy #2, but I guess men here forgot about it! This why they so woman-like!"
    "Anyway, thank you so much Jon Anthony for what you done to my life. I feel like I am masculine for the first time ever. I feel like I am a man. Thank you."
    "Now I know how to be a fucking man! Why are your eBooks so low priced? You should fucking charge more for them, you changed my life!"

    "One week and I am a different person, I have found my passion, purpose of my life, got confidence, and so many other things."
    “I was skeptical at first..."
    “I've been reading your blog since the beginning, and I've always been a fan because you tell it how it is. You don't sugar coat it or feed me nonsense, but you also see multiple sides to everything (game, fitness, mindset, etc.).
    "So when I saw that you created an eBook, I was pretty excited...but part of me was kind of hesitant, because I didn't see how these 7 Strategies could really be so effective."
    "I was completely wrong though. Just after doing Strategy #4 for a week, I found myself naturally talking more with girls...I was more assertive, more sexually aggressive, and it even gave me the courage to go practice game for the first time."
    "Strategy #1 was huge for me, too. It still gives me the motivation to get out of bed every day, and I loved the exercises worksheet you included...I feel like it helped clarify my thoughts."
    "Overall I'm extremely satisfied and just wanted to reach out and thank you for what you've done. I don't know when you're going to be releasing your fitness eBook, but I'll be first in line to buy it :). Thanks, Jon.
    Alex Visser
    -Larissa, Greece
    "I was more assertive, more sexually aggressive, and it even gave me the courage to go practice game for the first time."
    "It still gives me the motivation to get out of bed every day, and I loved the exercises worksheet you included..."
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    BONUS #1
    First, you’ll get my anxiously awaited book:

    “You've Got Nudes! How to Get Good Girls to Send You Naked Pictures”

    Let me tell you ... guys have been BEGGING ME to write this book for YEARS.

    In this one of a kind tutorial, I’ll give you my step by step process to get girls to text you naked pictures of themselves.

    Meet a girl … get her number … text her for a few days … then ping! ping! Ping! … naked pictures of her will start flying into your inbox.

    But be warned: When a girl starts sending you naked pictures, it flips a switch in her mind that will make YOU her single object of desire.

    Normally $59 But Now it's Yours FREE!
    BONUS #2
    Next, you’ll get:

    “The Art of Tinder: What 100 Lays Taught Me.”

    In this book I hand you my very own strategy for GETTING LAID off Tinder.

    I show you how to set up your profile … what pictures to use … how to radically increase your matches … how to engage with girls … how to land a first date … and how to close the deal.

    I’ve taught this to hundreds of guys and their results often triple with these proven strategies.
    Here’s a simple truth: Tinder is one of the EASIEST WAYS to get sex from hot girls.

    And this book will give you everything you need to line up lays starting tonight.
    Normally $99 But Now it's Yours FREE!
    BONUS #3
    Next up, you’re going to get one of my personal favorites:

    “Mindset Mastery: How to Hack Your Subconscious For Success.”

    Did you know that 95% of your brain operates in the SUBCONSCIOUS?

    That means those things that decide your actions — your attitudes … values … and beliefs — are largely out of your conscious control.

    No wonder we do stupid things and kick ourselves after!

    In Mindset Mastery, I’ll teach you proven methods to take conscious control of your subconscious mind.

    I’ll teach you how to “reprogram the computer,” and replace outdated, hurtful programming with positive, useful programming.

    One of the most important parts of game is “inner game.”

    Because when you take control of the mechanism, you can steer it towards your most desired outcomes.
    Normally $79 But Now it's Yours FREE!
    BONUS #4
    Fourth, you’re going to get my hugely popular book:

    “Night Game Domination: Jon's Very Own Field Tested Secrets”

    Let’s face it: Night game can be intimidating.
    But success is actually quite easy — it’s all about stacking the odds in your favor.

    In this book I show you how to plan and execute nights out that put you in a winning position.

    I’ll tell you where to go ... how to dress ... how to act ... and how to leverage situations where meeting women happens 100% naturally.

    I also outline where to find the hottest girls — I’m talking the hottest of the hot — and where to find venues that have the best women to men ratios.
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    BONUS #5
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    This is where like-minded Alphas come together to inspire action... share stories... ask questions... make connections... find wing men... and get motivated for the battle of life.

    Jon will also make himself available to answer member questions PERSONALLY.

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    Let's face it...

    No one can succeed alone.

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    “When I saw you were giving away the Mindset Mastery eBook, I was kind of intrigued. I've always been interested in how powerful your subconscious mind can be, but had NO IDEA how effective it could be."

    "After just two weeks of using the audio and affirmation methods that you recommend, I went from having almost no girls interested in me, to having every girl in my class checking me out. I don't know how the hell you do it man, but please keep it up!! You've got a customer for life."
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      -Brian Randall, 30,
    Stillwater, OK
    "WOW. Just wow."
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    Are You Still Here?
    Well, maybe that's because you're on the fence about “7 Strategies.”

    If that's the case, let's explore your options, shall we?

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