7 Highly Effective Strategies to Become an Alpha Male!
  •  Develop the courage that you needto be  successful with women...and with LIFE!
  •  Develop rock-solid confidencethat LAUGHS  in  the face of struggles and opposition!
  •  STOP living a mediocre life! Start reclaiming  your personal power...TODAY!
  •  Jack your testosterone levels by a superhuman  75% with Jon's Bonus Strategy #8 Alpha Male  Morning Routine!
  •  And So Much More...
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Have YOU Ever Experienced Any of The Following Problems?

Do you completely lack assertiveness? To the point that you're absolutely terrified of speaking out in social interactions, so you just stay quiet?

Do you feel like you're living in constant fear? Like you'd have girls all over you, if you could just work up the courage to talk to them?

Do you have ridiculously low energy levels, to the point that you just can't seem to find the motivation to build a better life?

If so, this may be the most important message you'll ever read.

My Name is Jon Anthony, And For YEARS I Was a Completely Pathetic Beta-Male
A lot of guys read my blog, and they wonder how this could be. They see some confident, action-taking winner who's sleeping with TONS of gorgeous women and absolutely CRUSHING IT at life.

They see some guy who's got things that they'll never have. They see a guy who's seemingly fearless in the face of adversity, who's a sculpted fitness model with a successful blog, and who's worked his way into DOZENS of HOT girls' panties...but it wasn't always like this.
In Fact, I'm Just as Surprised as You Are.
If you had asked my 16 year old self to talk to a girl, my eyes would've grown wide as I stuttered and stammered with excuses, DESPERATELY trying to hide the fact that I was TERRIFIED of talking to girls.
And it wasn't just women, either...it was everything. I was terrified of asserting myself, I was terrified of failure, and I was terrified of rejection. I lived in a CONSTANT state of complete and utter anxiety.
I Spent My Days Playing World of Warcraft and Living Off of Hot Pockets...
Why? Well, if you had asked me then, I would've said that I enjoyed it, but we both know that's a lie. The truth was that I was absolutely terrified of leaving the comfort of my basement.

Why would I want to go learn game? Why would I want to go earn money? Why would I want to go lift weights? Why would I want to do ANYTHING?! I felt like there was absolutely ZERO point, because I'd been brutally rejected so many times before.

As embarrassing as this is to say, there were some nights where I cried myself to sleep. I wanted SO BADLY to just be normal! What the fuck was wrong with me? I knew that if I had just a little bit of confidence, I could EASILY crush it at life!
Eventually I Got Fed Up and Tried to Teach Myself Game...I Failed Miserably
I Recall literally wandering around my city for HOURS, trying SO HARD to work up the courage to talk to a girl. "Okay, her! Talk to her!" I'd say. And then, what do you know...

Right at the last minute, I'd anxiously let her walk by and completely bitch out. "Dammit, Jon! Why can't you fucking do this?!" I was so angry at myself! And I was so clueless! I had NO IDEA how I was going to fix my horrible problems, but I was absolutely determined to find a way.

I tried for YEARS upon YEARS to change my problems, but there were so many! I was barely motivated to get out of bed, I struggled with depression, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to cure my horribly disabling social anxiety.
But Then, Something Unexpected Happened...
I remember running into my cousin one day, and something has changed...

See, we'd always gotten along, because we were both kind of nerds of the family. We would stay up late, playing video games together until the sun came up, and we'd dream about how one day things would change.

But this time around, something was different. He wasn't the same.

I saw him for the first time in a few years, and he was ridiculously confident. I mean I couldn't believe it...the same geeky guy whose voice would always tremble was now firm as a rock. He spoke with such clarity and decisiveness that I could barley even recognize him.

To tell you the truth, I was kind of jealous of him. I didn't understand why he was so incredibly confident, so fearless, and so socially outgoing! What had happened? I spent the next two hours grilling him, and at first he kept avoiding my questions....

But after a while, he cracked.
"Well, I probably shouldn't tell you this, but..."
What he told me was one of the most life-changing things that I've ever heard. He told me that he'd been using this one little trick that was somehow responsible for all of his changes:

Rock Solid Confidencethat led him to date one of the prettiest girls in his small hometown.

Complete Fearlessness, even in the face of challenges that would absolutely TERRIFY most grown men.

Unstoppable Assertiveness, the the point that others who used to bully him suddenly showed him respect.

What..? How was this? How in the HELL could such a scrawny, meek little beta male turn into a fucking KILLER so fast?!

I had no idea why his "strategy" worked so fast, but I took him for his word on it, and started to employ it into my own life.
I Started Using His "Strategy," and
Noticed a MASSIVE Change In Just 30 Days!

I was WAY more outgoing without even having to try! - I literally couldn't believe my eyes. Just using his one simple strategy led me to approach the hottest girl I knew and ask her out...within just 2 weeks.

Literally Nothing Phased Me - I remember at one point, when I was out in my city approaching girls, one of them actually smacked me in the face; it didn't even bother me in the slightest. I literally just laughed and walked away (she started chasing me when she saw how few fucks I gave).

And My Confidence? It Was Through the Roof - I started taking more risks, I started to crave more adventure...I couldn't get enough! And who could blame me? When you feel like a god, any challenge put in front of you is nothing more than another obstacle for you to crush.

And Suddenly, I Realized What I'd Been Doing Wrong ALL THESE YEARS
See, when I first got into self-development I was completely enamored with the idea of using techniques to overcome fear, anxiety, or a lack of assertiveness...and for a while, they worked.

I'd use these different techniques, and I would feel AMAZING! I'd feel on top of the world, I'd feel confident, and I could EASILY approach girls and go out and accomplish my goals.

BUT, it'd only last for an hour or two. I would still wake up the very next day, the same old beta male that I was the day before...and it FRUSTRATED the hell out of me, because I didn't understand why!

But then, it hit me.
I Needed a Strategy. Not a Technique.
The reason why the techniques I used would only work temporarily, and then fade away in just an hour or two, was because they only solved the surface level problem.

In other words, they didn't create any sort of real, lasting, underlying emotional change.

There wasn't a shift in how I felt; the techniques just temporarily hid my true feelings of anxiety, fear, and low self-esteem. The STRATEGY was what changed who I was.

So after this life-changing discovery, I spent the next 5 years SCOURING the world, for as many "Strategies" to become a better man that I could find...
And After 5 Years of Pain-Staking Research I Discovered:
The 7 Strategies to Develop Your Masculinity
These 7 Strategies are the result of literally years of searching for the best, most effective solutions to generate a PERMANENT underlying shift in your mindset

Within just 30 days of employing these strategies, here's what you can expect:

1. Complete Fearlessness: Your fears and anxieties will begin to dissolve faster and faster as you employ these highly effective strategies. You will begin to feel absolutely unstoppable, even in the face of things that would've previously phased the old you.

2. Effortless Game: Not being able to interact with women properly is really just the result of underlying emotional problems. These 7 Strategies are designed to permanently alter your underlying emotions, to give you effortless game naturally!

3. Sky-High Testosterone: Part of the reason that these 7 Strategies are so effective, is because they increase your testosterone drastically...this will naturally fix most of your problems with social anxiety, women, and LIFE!

Grab Your Copy For Just $19 WHILE YOU STILL CAN!
30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
Secure payments through PayPal or Credit Card
P.S. - If you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... for just $19, you're getting Jon's 7 Strategies that he used to transform from a beta male to an alpha male.
HUNDREDS of Men Agree!
Shane Grayson
-Green Bay, Wisconsin
"Absolutely life-changing."
​"After using strategy #2, everything else in my life magically seemed to fall into place. I developed more confidence from just a few weeks of using this strategy, than in the past 5 years of my life combined."
"I feel like you've helped me overcome my crippling social anxiety, Jon. I honestly can't thank you enough. Keep up the good work!"​
“Dude, your bonus strategy #8 is absolutely incredible..."
“I literally did it for the first time today and felt like my veins were surging with energy and masculine drive! I actually drove to my girlfriend's house right after doing it, and she told me that I seemed different."
"I started explaining what I had been doing and she literally just grabbed me and started making out with me. I have no clue how you discovered this routine, but it works like a fucking charm! It's like the girls can just SMELL my extra testosterone!"
Zachary Meeks
-Odessa, Texas
Jason Swanick
-London, England
"I finally feel like a man."
​"As someone who was raised in a completely effeminate household, where my Dad was a total beta male, I was so desperate for a solution."
"I decided to give your 7 Strategies a chance, because I'd been reading your blog for a while and you give out good advice...after just a few weeks of employing your strategies I've been completely blown away."
"I literally feel like I'm getting stronger every day. My anxiety is diminishing more and more, I'm so much more outgoing, more assertive, and more masculine. Thanks a ton, Jon."
Don't Wait a Second Longer - Get Started TODAY!
The decision that you make right this instant can either change your life or leave you anxious, lonely, and with low-testosterone for the rest of your life...
STOP living in fear! Stop failing with women, stop living a life of mediocrity, and start taking MASSIVE ACTION to accomplish your goals!
DO NOT let this opportunity pass you by or you will regret it for the rest of your life. Take the plunge and make a COMMITMENT to become the man that you were always destined to be!
ONLY $19 For A Limited Time!
30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
Secure payments through PayPal or Credit Card
These Strategies Are INSANELY Effective!
Kaito Takahashi
-Kitoshiobara, Japan
"I cannot believe how fast I change from Strategy #2 and Bonus Strategy #8..."
"My newfound confident ways have led me to start a business moving food in and out of my village, and girls took note." 
"I feel like I am masculine for the first time ever. I feel like I am a man."
“Sorry about English, it is not my first language - My name is Kaito, I am from Japan."
“Mr. Anthony, I was very hesitant at first to purchase your 7 Strategy, but now it seem my life is changing more each day."
"In my village, men are discourage from act masculine by the women - when we try to assert our self or be confident, our mothers say: 'Stop standing out!' and tell us to act shy and fit in."
"This is very common in Japan, but I do not like it. I am tired of constant fear and anxiety around women, I just want to be normal man! Why is this so hard nowadays?!"
"I decide to purchase your eBook, and like you say I follow exactly what you recommend. I now earn twice as much yen as prior, and have three girl who want me as they boyfriend! My newfound confident ways have led me to start a business moving food in and out of my village, and girls took note."
"I cannot believe how fast I change from Strategy #2 and Bonus Strategy #8...it funny, because Japan give birth to the Strategy #2, but I guess men here forgot about it! This why they so woman-like!"
"Anyway, thank you so much Jon Anthony for what you done to my life. I feel like I am masculine for the first time ever. I feel like I am a man. Thank you."
“I was skeptical at first..."
“I've been reading your blog since the beginning, and I've always been a fan because you tell it how it is. You don't sugar coat it or feed me nonsense, but you also see multiple sides to everything (game, fitness, mindset, etc.).
"So when I saw that you created an eBook, I was pretty excited...but part of me was kind of hesitant, because I didn't see how these 7 Strategies could really be so effective."
"I was completely wrong though. Just after doing Strategy #4 for a week, I found myself naturally talking more with girls...I was more assertive, more sexually aggressive, and it even gave me the courage to go practice game for the first time."
"Strategy #1 was huge for me, too. It still gives me the motivation to get out of bed every day, and I loved the exercises worksheet you included...I feel like it helped clarify my thoughts."
"Overall I'm extremely satisfied and just wanted to reach out and thank you for what you've done. I don't know when you're going to be releasing your fitness eBook, but I'll be first in line to buy it :). Thanks, Jon.
Alex Visser
-Larissa, Greece
"I was more assertive, more sexually aggressive, and it even gave me the courage to go practice game for the first time."
"It still gives me the motivation to get out of bed every day, and I loved the exercises worksheet you included..."
About The Author
After overcoming his beta-male, feminist indoctrination, Jon now seeks to help others do the same. He does this through giving out free advice on his blog, selling high quality eBooks, and coaching men 1-on-1.
Jon currently resides in the USA, and plans to move to Las Vegas within the next year in order to perfect his game, launch Masculine Development into a full blown LLC, and start investing in real estate.
"Are These 7 Strategies Really That Effective?"
Absolutely. In fact, these are my "go to" 7 Strategies for the men out there that are struggling with crippling social anxiety, a lack of assertiveness, and a largely mediocre life.
I realize that it may be hard to believe these strategies are really that effective...I was very skeptical at first, too. But all it takes is a few weeks to start noticing changes, sometimes even less.
I was absolutely stunned at how fast some of these strategies started turning me into a fearless fucking conqueror with killer game, high testosterone, and god-like confidence.
You Will Start to Notice Changes Almost Immediately
Don't worry, I was skeptical, too...the strategies will work regardless of whether you're skeptical or not. Some of them work within just a day, and others take a week or more to start really kicking in. Some strategies, like Strategy #2, take months to kick in, but once they kick in...holy fuck will you be absolutely unstoppable.
Advantages vs. Disadvantages
Let's say that you decide to purchase my eBook, and some other guy walks away from this amazing, once in a life time opportunity. What would you gain, that he wouldn't?
If You Buy It
  •  Strategy #1 - Ignite a fiery sense of passion and assertiveness for life. Begin MERCILESSLY hunting down your ideal life and taking decisive action.
  •  Strategy #2 - Unlock the keys to predatory level fearlessness, INVINCIBLE self esteem,and massive core confidence.
  •  Strategy #3 - Develop your primal masculinity,a high level of independence, and experience life as a primal male.
  •  Strategy #4 - Develop an inhuman level of  discipline, and learn to channel your raw sexual energyinto conquering your goals.
  •  Strategy #5 - The fastest wayto develop razor-sharp game, sleep with countless gorgeous women, and get rid of approach anxiety...period.
  •  Strategy #6 - Analyze your dysfunctional  upbringing and understand the "masculine  archetypes," that are controlling your life  without you even realizing it.
  •  Strategy #7 - QUADRUPLE the speed at which  you develop, gain a sense of masculine  fulfillment, and become a fully integrated maninto society.
  •  BONUS Strategy #8 - Jon's "Alpha Male" Morning  Routine, designed to jack your testosterone levels through the roof!
If You Don't
  •  Be condemned to a life of absolutely pathetic  mediocrity
  •  Girls will continue to look down on him,as a  weak, insecure loser.
  •  NO RESPECT from his friends, for being a low-  testosterone, unassertive beta male.
  •  Dangerously lowlevels of energy, preventing  him from ever accomplishing what he so  desperately wants in life.
  •  A fat, ugly, bitchy girlfriendthat CONSTANTLY  drains his will power and makes happiness  impossible.
  •  A HORRIBLE boss that doesn't respect him,  because he's too afraidto assert himself.
  •  Financial ruin, as he's not decisive enoughto  take risks and put in the effort needed to  generate wealth!
The 7 Strategies Are Waiting...Are You Going to Take The Call to Action?
  •  STOP living a mediocre life! Start reclaiming  your personal power...TODAY!
  •  Develop the courage that you needto be  successful with women...and with LIFE!
  •  Jack your testosterone levels by a superhuman  75% with Jon's Bonus Strategy #8 Alpha Male  Morning Routine!
  •  Develop rock-solid confidencethat LAUGHS in  the face of struggles and opposition!
  •  QUADRUPLE the speedof your personal  development, using Jon's highly-sought-after  Strategy #7! (PLUS his Priority Coaching!)
  •  Develop mind-blowing gameby naturally  becoming the man that she desperately CRAVES!
30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
Secure payments through PayPal or Credit Card
As a token of my complete and utter belief in these 7 Strategies, I am going to offer you a 30 day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.
If at ANY POINT over the next 30 days, you don't feel like you got the absolutely life-changing fearlessness, confidence, and assertiveness that I know you're going to get, then please...send me an email at ANY TIME, and I will PERSONALLY refund your purchase.
Frequently Asked Questions
"So you used these 7 Strategies to transform yourself?"
Absolutely, that's why I'm so 100% completely convinced that they can help you transform your life TODAY. They helped transform me from a weak, pathetic beta male into a fearless warrior.
"I've been afraid, shy, and awkward my whole life...will I still benefit?"
YES! In fact, you're the man who needs this the most! These 7 Strategies (plus the BONUS Strategy #8) will help begin your total transformation into being a rock-solid alpha male,
"Wait, so this is version 2.0?"
Yes, it is! I got so much positive feedback for my first release, that I decide to make an UPDATED AND EXPANDED version, including my Bonus Strategy #8 which will boost your testosterone by a whopping 75%!
"What if I already practice game?"
Then that's even better. Once you start to employ the strategies that I recommend, you'll see a MASSIVE SPIKE in your ability to confidently pull girls and deal with alpha male cockblocks.
"Is there an ideal age for this?"
The sooner that you start, the better. Stop wasting time and start changing your life RIGHT NOW. Nobody's going to do it for you....it's on YOU to take action!
"If I'm not satisfied, how will you personally refund my purchase?"
I guarantee that you will be ABSOLUTELY satisfied with your purchase, but on the off chance that you're not, just shoot me an email at jon@masculinedevelopment.com and I'll refund you via whichever way you paid.
Hey, it's Jon here. I hope that you decide to take advantage of my incredible, life-changing offer. I'm always coming up with new products, so you never know how long these 7 Strategies will be available.

Just when you least expect it, I may remove it completely off the market (like what happened with my Tinder Cheat Sheet V2).

Just like that and poof. Vanish. It's gone, forever. So don't wait until it's too late...start taking your life into your own hands NOW!
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