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Here's what you'll get with Alpha Evolution:
  • 55 Video Chapters to Teach You EVERYTHING You Need to Know About Seducing Women... From A to Z.
  • A Proven Training System With Missions & Accountability to Get You to Your Goals With Women in the Quickest, Easiest Way Possible.
  • 1-on-1 Coaching With Jon, to Answer Your Questions DIRECTLY, With Unbridled 24/7 Access.
For a dating program to work, it has to be simple, easy to follow, and guide you step-by-step through the dating process I've used to bang well over 100+ women.

And that's exactly what Alpha Evolution will do.

Total Value: $497
$349 For A Limited Time!

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
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From The Desk of Jon Anthony
Washington, D.C.
Dear friend,

It's the worst feeling in the world...

Seeing a hot girl and not being able to get her.

Either you can't think of a good way to approach her...

You run out of things to say...

Or you botch it somewhere along the line and she slips out of your life forever.

As men, no one ever really teaches us how to attract women.

It's not like they pull us aside in 9th grade and explain the female mind.


You just have to hope you'll do all the right things and somehow end up with a hot girl in your bed.

But you and I both know that rarely happens.

From the approach... to texting... to dating... to sex... there are so many opportunities to mess up.
Most guys tell me they're tired, frustrated,
and just plain worn out  when it comes to
getting women.
  • They don't know what to talk about.
  • They don't know how to spark her attraction.
  • And they don't want to inconvenience her with their approach.
So most of them give up.

They marry the first unattractive girl they can find so they can "get out of this mess once and for all."

Or worse, they spend their lives sexless and depressed.

If you're like me — and if that sounds like the kind of future you DESPERATELY WANT TO AVOID — then this will be one of the most exciting letters you ever read.
Because in the next 3 minutes I'm going to
share the most powerful seduction training
secret I know of.
I'm going to introduce you to guys just like you — who have not only completely changed their lives when it comes to women — but who have achieved results so insane your eyes will pop when you hear their stories.

Once you read this short letter — and do what it says — you'll be in the position to give yourself

Your pipeline will be full of high quality women.

You'll operate from a place of abundance rather than scarcity.

And you'll be so alpha that attracting women will simply be who you are.

So join me on this adventure.

I guarantee you don't want to miss the training method I'm about to show you...
But First... A Little About Who I Am
Hi, my name's Jon Anthony.

Those of you who've come from my website Masculine Development  may already know who I am.

But if you don't, then allow me to briefly introduce myself.

I've spent the last 8 years mastering the art of seducing women.

I've slept with well over 100 girls and I've personally coached thousands of great guys... both 1-on-1 and through my hugely successful program: "7 Strategies to Develop Your Masculinity"
I'm the constant student of self-improvement and seduction.

And my genuine purpose is to teach men how to attract women... how to maximize themselves as MEN... and how to attain happiness while they have a positive impact on the world.

I believe when you put everything you can into what you're doing — with the goal of helping others to improve their lives — then success will come without digging for it and trying to cut corners.

I write this letter to you today with that same genuine intent.

My purpose is to HELP YOU MEET WOMEN.

And what I'm about to reveal is the best solution I've ever discovered to help you do just that.
My Idea That Will Destroy
The Seduction Industry
I've studied just about every seduction program out there and I have to be honest...

Most of them are one peanut short of CRAP.

The big reason most programs suck is because they usually only teach theory.
Most programs tell you to be confident... charismatic... and to get girls to chase you. But very programs teach you HOW to do these things.
I can tell you 100 times how important it is to get girls to chase you.

But unless I give you proven techniques to motivate them to do so, it's just not going to happen.

What's more...

Most programs fail to give techniques for situations you're definitely going to run into.
  • Do you know what to do when you hit a lull in the conversation after you approach a girl?
  • How about when you text her and she ho-hums your request for a date?
  • What if a girl asks you to go meet her friends just 30 seconds after you start talking to her... do you do it, or is it a trap?
  • What do you do when she asks you for a favor? How do you respond without looking like a pushover, AND without looking like a dick?
  • And what if she says something like: "We're not going to have sex tonight." How can you reply so that she WILL want to have sex with you that night?
Yet most programs completely fail to teach them.

It sucks to finish a course and say to yourself:
"That was great. But I'm still not sure what to do."
I don't know about you... but most programs leave me with that impression.

That's why over the last 3 years I've been working on an idea unlike anything the seduction community has ever seen.
I Wanted to Create Something
Truly Revolutionary
Something where you could interact with me DIRECTLY.

And something where I could make sure you get REAL RESULTS — not just empty promises wrapped in nice sounding ideas.
Like the ability to go out and meet literally any girl you're attracted to...

...Engage her in an attraction building conversation

...Snag her phone number or social media

...Multiply her attraction with POTENT, FIELD-TESTED techniques

...Then seamlessly take her up the ladder of attraction until she's naked
in your bed with her legs spread

...All the while having ME guide you every step of the way.
I knew in order to do that I needed to include a personal coaching element with the program.

I needed to be right there with you in the trenches. At your shoulder AT ALL TIMES so you could come out the winner no matter the situation.

AND I needed a partner whose depth of experience would round out my own... so I could proudly offer you the single best program on attracting women to EVER hit the market.
The Alpha Evolution Home Bootcamp
By: Jon Anthony

Total Value: $12,468

$497 For A LIMITED TIME Only!

This Home Bootcamp covers EVERY SINGLE ELEMENT of seduction... from A to Z.

From opening... to building attraction... to the first date... to sex... to inner game... to all steps in between.

And we supplement our teachings with field-tested missions & real  accountability.

So you have proven ways to strengthen your game with homework assignments and special operations that will fast-track your success.
What's more, this is the only program that
gives you an "if/then" framework for seduction.
So you know if this  happens, then you do that.  Completely unseen in the seduction community until today!

And for most guys, that alone is the "golden ticket" that finally gets them the results they've been looking for with girls.
When you go through the entire course it will
give you the experience of thousands of
situations before you have them with a real woman.
So you'll bypass YEARS of trial and error.

You'll always know what to do...

You'll always know what to say...

And you'll never get into a predicament you can't handle.

You'll also get an absolute STOCKPILE of tricks... techniques... and gambits to always keep girls interested.
Like one of our beta test students said:
"You could watch this series 6 times and still come away with new
tricks to try out on women."
This thing is absolutely STACKED!
Just Look What Others Are Saying About The Alpha Evolution Home Bootcamp...
"Jon, I just wanted to drop you a quick message and thank you for the home boot camp. After going through some of your other content I knew it was going to be good, but I was really blown away by the depth and completeness of this series. It's just really, really, REALLY well done. The entire seduction community owes you, Mark, and Erik a debt of gratitude... it's a game changer. Thanks again.
  -Dominic B., 43,
Miami, FL
  -Jason Swanick, 54,
London, England
"I've been a part of every single one of Jon's programs, and was ELATED when he offered me the chance to join his Alpha Evolution Beta Test Group..."

"I've been on and off with my ex-wife (pictured to the left) for a while now, and after just a month of this program, she's begging me to get back together. She says that I seem like a different man, and I honestly can't believe it."

"Jon, you really outdid yourself with this program, man. I don't know how you keep making them better and better each time, but whatever you're doing, keep it up!"
"I was part of Jon's Bitcoin Millionaire program, and when I saw that he was releasing a video course on game, I just HAD to jump in on it. I was already making $5,000 a month trading, so the only thing that was missing was girls."

"Well, thanks to Mark and Jon, that part isn't missing anymore. I've started dating one of the hottest girls in my entire school, and I'm barely even past Module 7 yet (let alone the bonuses!). Thanks so much Jon, maybe we can meet in person one day so I can give you a giant hug and thank you!"
  -Darell Billiot, 16,
Provo, UT
  -Alex Visser, 47,
Larissa, Greece
"DUDE, I kissed a girl before even hearing her voice (as you said we'd be able to do). I'm so shocked. My game is so streamlined now, and I love how this series maps it all out for you step by step. My whole program is FOCUSED IN... I don't even have to think about it anymore. I just run the same thing on girl after girl, and it's so much easier than having to guess the whole way. If anyone is reading this, you need to know how kick butt this bootcamp is. TAKE IT. You'll be writing a message just like this after 2 weeks, trust me on that."
You'll Also Going to Give You
The Home Bootcamp also includes our BONUS "Alpha Inner Circle Coaching Suite"  where you can ask me questions 24 hours a day and we'll give you answers IN REAL TIME.

So no matter what happens with a girl we're right there next to you... telling you exactly what to do to keep things moving in the right direction.

We've thought of everything to give you all the tools you'll ever need to get girls consistently.


So if you want Tier 1 training...

If you want to experience the course that expert pickup artists take to bring their game to the next level...

And if you want the confidence to know exactly what to do no matter what the situation...

Then this Home Bootcamp is specifically for you!
Here's What You'll Discover When You Become A VIP Member of The Alpha Evolution Home Bootcamp Today...
First, you'll experience the "Instant Attraction"  core video training written by Jon Anthony and Mark Sing, and hosted by Jon Anthony, Mark Sing, and Erik Amino.

Inside are 55 video chapters split between 10 modules.
These videos contain ALL THE SECRETS our team knows about attracting women.

They will teach you every single step of the seduction process.

And they will outline situations you're going to face in the field. And exactly how to handle them.

Even SEDUCTION COACHES are hailing this program as the most thorough... modern... and effective pick-up anthology ever created.
Let's Take A Look Inside
The Core Video Training...
Module 1 - Setting The Foundation
The program begins by teaching you the best techniques in existence to quickly spike your attractiveness to women. Within 1 DAY OF STARTING you'll notice girls reacting to you like never before. And you'll immediately cement a rock solid foundation for the Alpha to come.
  • You'll learn what women are attracted to... what women ARE NOT attracted to... as well as all our cutting edge techniques to QUICKLY develop attractive qualities within yourself.
  • You'll get the best techniques in existence to QUICKLY develop the most attractive traits like confidence... positivity... non-neediness... pre-selection... clarity of intent... a carefree energy... and having a masculine purpose.
  • You'll learn the fundamental differences between male and female attraction. And how understanding these simple differences will spur QUANTUM LEAPS in your game.
  • You'll learn the top 3 myths about seducing women. And how to reprogram your brain to think like a natural and thus BECOME A NATURAL.
  • You'll master the 7 Core "Alpha Male" traits that will draw women to you like a magnet and make attracting girls a simple part of who you are.
Module 2 - Becoming The Alpha
This is the first pillar to NATURAL GAME. You'll learn how to bring out the Alpha that is in you RIGHT NOW. And how to communicate attractive qualities to women so they're attracted to you before you even open your mouth.
  • You'll learn EXACTLY what an alpha male is... what he behaves like... and what he LOOKS like as you deploy proven ways to embody each characteristic and immediately skyrocket your sexual pull.
  • You'll learn how to be the prize while you unveil the truth about female psychology... attraction... and how to use your body language to get attention from girls everywhere you go.
  • You'll learn our stupidly effective secret to amplify your sexual magnetism. Do this technique and you'll get noticed at bars, nightclubs, work, the gym, and anywhere else you want to meet women.
  • You'll discover the fundamental difference between "inner" and "outer" alpha male characteristics. And how to leverage both to give you that rare "Alpha Funk" women go crazy for.
  • You'll learn how to cultivate a personal style that will scream you're a "sex worthy" guy to women.
Module 3 - The Approach Blueprint
In this section you'll learn the step-by-step method to approach a woman and engage her in conversation that's specifically designed to get her attracted to you.
  • Learn the subtle cues women give when they want you to come talk to them. And how to radically reduce rejection with our "prepping blueprint."
  • Learn "The OSSE Framework" — the most powerful framework we know of for approaching... attracting... and seducing women.
  • Unlock the 6 types of openers that any guy can use. So you'll know EXACTLY how to open ANY girl in ANY situation.
  • Get the keys to our vault that's stacked to the ceiling with conversation starters... carriers... savers... and expert techniques for the first interaction. When you get this program you'll never run out of things to say again.
  • Learn how to build a "fool proof extraction point" that will make it EASIER THAN EVER BEFORE to pull a girl home to your place for sex.
  • You'll also get our entire method for day game — including all our very best secrets for getting girls from a variety of everyday locations.
Module 4 - Getting Deep Level Attraction
This module unveils all our secrets for the first conversation based on over 100 years of combined experience. And it can be found NOWHERE ELSE BUT HERE. We guarantee you'll watch this section over and over again and still come away with new secrets to try out on women.
  • You'll get all our techniques for leveraging her attraction with gambits... games... chick crack... stories... hypnotic tricks... conversation savers... NLP tactics... and role playing tactics that will make you the most interesting guy she's ever met.
  • Learn what to talk about... how to tell stories... and how to lead an attraction building interaction that will almost always get you a phone number.
  • Learn the crucial 3 attraction triggers that will flip the "obsession switch" in women's brains — making them addicted to you like you're heroin. WARNING: Only use this on girls you want sticking around. SERIOUSLY!
  • The difference between getting her hooked in the SHORT-TERM vs. the LONG TERM. And how this critical difference can save you a painstaking breakup. Or even a heart-wrenching divorce.
  • The hidden secrets of charisma that will make any girl want to spend more time with you. This is where we give you all our best secrets on the subtle art of making people like you.
  • You'll also master Alpha Male energy... charisma... positive emotions... making a girl feel safe... and how to embed these into your game to get women consistently hooked on you.
Module 5 - Becoming Irresistible
This section is chock-full of techniques including alliances, misinterpretation, building intrigue, and one of our all time favorites — Push/Pull game. You'll also get all our tactics for how to be a challenge... how to get girls to work for you... how to pass their tests... and how to get them to forget about other guys as you become their focal point of attention.
  • Learn how to control the frame — including our most effective "table flippers" that trigger attraction switches faster than any other method in this program. When you learn these techniques, you'll NEVER lose the upper hand again!
  • You'll learn the concept of "requests"... and how to know when a woman is testing you with them... and how to pass her tests like a champion as you radically intensify her attraction.
  • The difference between TECHNIQUES and PERSONALITY SHIFTS, and how you can use BOTH of these to make women desperate for your approval.
  • Jon's MASSIVELY anticipated guide to passing a girl's in-club shit tests... how to deal with with the bitch shield... and how to get even the most stunning Russian models eating out of your HAND by the end of the night.
  • How to use "Qualification Baiting" to get women qualifying themselves to you like they're applying for the job of their dreams.
  • You'll also get Mark's "Inner Balance Point" concept. And how to use it to develop deep, hypnotic attraction.
Module 6 - How to Make Her Chase You
In this module you'll learn advanced techniques to get her to chase you HARD. Here we'll train you how to become the "Permanent Alpha" while you develop a "pussy funk" everywhere you go. You'll also learn how to pull girls in complicated social situations that used to defeat you.
  • Learn "RCR" — or "Reverse Cold Reading to Bait Qualification." And how this technique makes women convince themselves they're attracted to you and want to have sex with you.
  • Get the "4 Critical Logistical Questions" to ask a girl in the first conversation. If you don't ask these, the set will literally BLOW UP in your FACE by the end of the night.
  • We'll teach you how to control a room... how to handle cock blocks like a true closer... and how to get her "tribe" on your side so they're working for you rather than against you.
  • Learn the "bread and butter" of flirting that will make women WILDLY attracted to you.
  • You'll get all our best techniques for working with a wingman — including the "over the shoulder technique," the "bait and switch technique," and the "admiration technique."
  • The 4 most common obstacles to pulling a girl. And EXACTLY how to defuse, pick apart, and blast through each one like a seasoned pro.
  • The critical reframe required to deal with a girl's "bitchy friends." And how to identify and neutralize the "mother hen" who has the power in the group.
  • How to seamlessly deal with other guys who have BETTER GAME THAN YOU DO (AMOG's). And how to destroy them like you're the thunder god himself.
Module 7 - Phone Number to First Date
In this module you'll learn a pile of ways to get her phone number, including "scripts and seals" that leave her laughing as you end the interaction. You'll get all our favorite secrets... tricks... and templates for phone game and texting game as well as our bulletproof way to pull off the BEST FIRST DATE these girls have ever been on.
  • Learn our brilliant ways to get her phone number. These methods are so effective they can be used within the first minute and you'll still walk away with her digits.
  • Get our full package of "sticking phrases." Use these during the first conversation to ensure the interaction "sticks" and she'll want to see you again when you text.
  • Learn Mark's entire texting game protocol. Mark is often called the best texting coach in the world, and you're about to see why! He's been known to text girls right onto his students' dicks and he lays down all his best kept secrets with nothing held back.
  • You'll also learn the most thorough protocol ever created for how to arrange and execute THE PERFECT FIRST DATE. We'll teach you all our methods for making her want to hang out with you alone... how to make sure she doesn't flake... and every single step for pulling off the single best first date she's ever experienced. (You're going to get LOADS of techniques to become the first date master; and you'll never have to ask for a second date again).
Module 8 - How to Seal The Deal
In this module we unveil all our best methods for physical escalations... brilliant ways to line up the first kiss... logistical lessons from the field for pulling girls home... and how to blast past last minute resistance when it comes to sex. You'll also learn how to handle a girl in a relationship, maintain a harem, and how to make any girl your "friend with benefits." If that wasn't enough, you'll also get our full Internet Dating System that will add a continuous flow of sexy new women to your pipeline.
  • Learn the 6 critical steps of sexual escalation. This is how you go from "eye contact" to "sex" with zero hiccups or sticking points.
  • We'll teach you our breakthrough method that gets her "ready to go" faster than you ever thought possible.
  • The 3 MOOD-KILLING mistakes guys make which absolutely DESTROY any chance of getting into her panties.
  • Learn EXACTLY how to touch a girl so it's not "weird" or "creepy." And how to do it so you'll build attraction 100x faster than you would with words alone.
  • Learn the "4 Categories of Any Relationship" — which once mastered — will have ANY girl you choose being "exclusive" as your girlfriend.
  • Understand the proper timing... boundaries... and standards you MUST set for each relationship stage in order to make it work.
  • Learn how to transition from the "first lay"... to being a "fuckbuddy"... to having an emotional connection... to having an exclusive partner (if that's the route you want to choose).
  • Finally, you'll get our Internet Gaming package with all our best templates... swipe files... and examples from real life profiles that perform in the top 1% on ALL dating websites. Just copy and paste our templates and you're guaranteed success online.
Module 9 - Inner Game Mastery
This is where we upload our cutting edge "inner game" programming into your brain and turn you into a confident natural that gets attraction everywhere you go. This is the single most advanced inner game technology in existence, and it's designed to give you rapid results by quickly punching through your low value traits... limiting beliefs... and insecure mannerisms. This is the cream of the crop of inner game science — leaps and bounds beyond anything else taught in the seduction industry in 2018 — and it will give you the deep level shifts while you step into a TRUE playboy lifestyle.
  • Learn the "4 Critical Mindset Shifts" required to become an absolute GOD in the club and in LIFE. And how to apply each one within a matter of days, not years!
  • Discover how to get out of a negative feedback loop. And how to restructure the wiring in your brain to take on Alpha belief systems that generate massive attraction in women.
  • Learn the two "frames" you can come from when dealing with girls. And how 99% of the population is STUCK in the one that quite literally undermines their success.
  • Unveil the concept of "collaborative vs. competitive" frames... how to expect the best from all social interactions... how to "align with power"... how to commit low effort for high social returns... and how "proactivity" is the differentiating factor between players and chodes.
  • Learn the single most important assumption that every social butterfly has. Miss this key understanding, and you'll subconsciously sabotage your progress with women.
  • Master the concepts of non-attachment... non-judgment... and non-resistance. And use them to bring about a deep level shift that will make you more attractive to women than you've been your entire life.
Module 10 - The Final Evolution
In our last module we'll teach you how to be "The Permanent Alpha." This is where game gets embedded into who you are, not just what you do. Any remnants of your "beta outer core" will finally shed itself completely as you step fully into the new you. Not a different you, just a better you! It's after this section that people will begin to tell you: "There's something different about you!" Girls will approach you... you'll be dating multiple women at once... and you'll experience the exhilaration of outright abundance.
  • Learn how to move into your fears and crush them under your hell. Say goodbye to the fears that used to rule you with this cutting edge technology. This practice alone is worth the full price of admission.
  • Discover how to quickly "kill the boy" inside you. And how to let the BEST YOU evolve so you can finally experience a life of radical fulfillment and abundance.
  • The cycles of "death and rebirth." And how any sufficiently advanced player will have to constantly reform his identity to be in line with who he's become.
  • How to effectively deal with the challenge of becoming an alpha... how to read the signs that you're growing... and how to cultivate your happiness for the rest of your life.
  • Learn how any serious student of this material will experience multiple "identity crises" and what you can learn from Jon's own "ego death" disillusionment.
  • Learn about the "Power of Attention" and how to control it to eliminate suffering... steel confidence... and give yourself a stable and burning glow that women are drawn to like moths to a flame.
Are You Next? Check Out The Masses of Rave Reviews From Our Current Students
"Amount of knowledge shared: 5 stars..."

"Content taught vs. hours you need to invest: 5 stars..."

"If you want a real course that will teach you everything you need to know to get girls, then this is the course for you."
 -Eyal Rowe, 46,
Los Angeles, CA
"When I first saw the quality of content Jon put out with Bitcoin Millionaire, I just had to check out his new course..."

"...and holy shit, I was not disappointed. Not only is the 10 Module Course worth its weight in gold, but he gives like A SHIT TON of free bonuses."

"I can, without a doubt, say that this is the best course on getting girls that I've ever taken... and that's coming from someone who's bought at least 5 or 6 before this one."

"Jon I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for the College Game Blueprint that you put out as a free bonus with this course... literally just that part alone has gotten me over a dozen girls in the past month. I'm still trying to process it."

"If I had this course when I first started college, mark my words, I would have slept with literally every single hot girl on campus. The only regret I have is that you didn't come out with this course five years sooner!!!"
-Cody Persinger, 23,
Tempe, AZ
 -Robb Hoffman, 29,
Lakewood, NY
"Everything you teach in this course is 100% true, man... but what really blew me away was that last module on death and rebirth... I feel like that's been the missing piece in my growth and evolution as a man, but not anymore."

"After having gone through this entire course, and processed it all, I can without a doubt say that I have evolved into the alpha. It's not a "different" me, but just the "best" me. And I fucking love it. You're the best man, talk soon!"
Just Check Out The Chapter List!
Module 1 - Setting The Foundation
1) The Female Attraction Blueprint Decoded
2) What Women Are Attracted To
3) What Women Are Not Attracted To
4) Your Beliefs
5) Your Standards

Module 2 - Becoming The Alpha
6) Inner and Outer Alpha Characteristics
7) Body Language and Tone of Voice
8) The Blueprint to Female Psychology
9) Bringing A Good Dynamic to The Club
10) What to Wear

Module 3 - The Approach Blueprint
11) The OSSE Framework
12) How to Read Her Interest
13) Opening
14) Day Game
15) Dealing With Rejection
16) Foundation to the Initial Conversation

Module 4 - Getting Deep Level Attraction
17) How to Get Her Hooked on You
18) What to Talk About
19) How to Tell Stories
20) Cold Reading
21) Role Playing
22) Gambits and Chick Crack (Part 1)
23) Gambits and Chick Crack (Part 2)

Module 5 - Becoming Irresistible
24) The Most Powerful Techniques to Pull Her In
25) Alliances, Misinterpretation, and Building Intrigue
26) Push/Pull
27) How to Be A Challenge
28) Frame Control
29) Requests and Girl Questions

Module 6 - How to Make Her Chase You
30) How to Blast Past Resistance and Obstacles
31) Advanced Body Language Techniques
32) Dealing With Distractions and Cock Blocks
33) Approaching Groups
34) Winging
35) Making Her Work For You
36) Physical Escalations for Building Attraction

Module 7 - Phone Number to First Date
37) The Escalation Road Map
38) How to Get Her Phone Number
39) First Phone Call
40) Texting Game
41) First Hang Out (Part 1)
42) First Hang Out (Part 2)

Module 8 - How to Seal The Deal
43) The 4 Stages of Relationship Building
44) Building Rapport
45) First Kiss & Sex
46) Relationship Dynamic
47) Internet Gaming

Module 9 - Inner Game Mastery
48) The Principles of Inner Game
49) The Tao of Inner Game
50) Defining The Ego
51) Dissolving Negativity

Module 10 - The Final Evolution
52) Death and Rebirth
53) Facing The Shadow
54) Being in The Now
55) Final Thoughts
If I Tried to Explain All The Tricks... Secrets... And Pure CHICK CRACK Included In This Program We Would Be Here All Day (Literally). So Let Me Just Show You What's Included in One... Single... Chapter:
The Messages in Water Technique — A story that when told to women gives them the deer-in-the-headlights look. Girls eat this gambit up with both hands. And by the end of it they'll unconsciously project all the good feelings onto YOU.

The Human Body is a Lie Detector — A game you'll play with her that will get you two flirting, laughing, and touching. It also includes an awesome technique to line up the first kiss.

The Intriguing Questions Sentence — These are 10 intriguing questions you can ask to a girl to keep her enthusiastic about the conversation... keep her imagination going... and generate good feelings in her that will be attributed directly to YOU.

The Psychological Tests Package — Including the cube, the pig, the "can't lie gambit," the lucid dreaming protocol, and one of my personal favorites...

Handwriting Analysis — Where we'll show you how to analyze a girl's handwriting and dovetail the whole process into a make out session where she's whispering in your ear how fascinating you are.

Again, that's from ONE... SINGLE... CHAPTER.

And as you probably noticed already, there are 55 chapters to this beast!

That should give you some idea of just how many kick ass secrets are jam-packed into this program.

But that's just the start, my friend.
Next, You're Going to Get The
Entire Video Series in AUDIO FORMAT!
We know you're busy.

And we know watching videos isn't always the most practical way to learn new material.

That's why we're also including the entire video series in MP3 format!

Simply download the audio files from the member's area onto your phone, pop in your earbuds, and get world class seduction training wherever you are.

We love this style of training, because you can be doing other things while learning — which is ideal for your busy schedule.
Next Up You're Going to Get Our
Video Quickstart Guide
We know you want to come out of the gate swinging.

That's why we've prepared a 45 minute Quickstart Guide to get you up and running as soon as possible.

The Quickstart Guide — which was filmed by Mark Sing — outlines the step-by-step method to go out... approach a girl... get her attracted to you... take her home... have sex... and send her on her way.

There are tons of secrets jam-packed into this rapid-fire video training.

And it's specifically designed to ignite your motivation  by getting you QUICK SUCCESS with women.
Next in the Program, You'll
Receive Personalized Missions 
From Me, Jon Anthony

This is where our Home Bootcamp really comes into its own!

In the Tactical Operations Center — which is found in the member's area once you join — you're going to get personalized missions so you can practice all the tricks... techniques... gambits... and inner game concepts you'll learn in the core video training.

We had 23 students in our test group. And to a man, their skills with women grew like weeds in the Alabama sun.


Because this is one of the only seduction programs that brings learning into the real world.

When you do the missions, the lessons from the videos will cement themselves into your brain.

So when it's time to use them on a real girl, your mind won't go into "screensaver mode" and leave you hanging.


Instead, your mind will fall back on its training.

You'll know exactly what to do because you've already rehearsed it.

And here's the best part...

These missions are safe... effective... and most importantly they're fun!

Just read our testimonials.

We've created the SMARTEST & MOST EFFECTIVE method to fast track your success; literally cutting YEARS off your journey to the top!
You're Also Going to Get
"The Conversation Sniper"
How many times have you been talking to a girl and you wish you had something good to keep the conversation going?

Or, how many times have you wished you had some funny, flirty lines to make her laugh?   

Well, the Conversation Sniper was created for just that purpose.  

This book is full of conversation savers... starters... and chick crack that will make you the most interesting guy she’s spoken to all year.  

Mark has spent over 20 years of his life mastering the art of flirting with women. 

And he says making hot girls laugh is the quickest way to get them attracted to you.  

“I pride myself on my ability to make girls laugh literally any time I want to,”  says Mark. 

“But despite what people think, I'm actually not that funny. Nor do I have some kind of instinctual wit.

The truth is, I've simply memorized a bunch of funny lines and I repeat them like a parrot.

What results is girls cracking up... then they get attracted to me... then they want to have sex with me. It really is that easy.”  
Here Are Just 7  of the 101 Lines
You'll Get in The Conversation Sniper
  • Challenging Set-Ups: You: "Do you like to travel?" Her: "Yeah." You: "Then travel over there." (as you jokingly push her aside).
  • Playful Questions: "Your friend tells me you're in school to become an ice cream man. How's that going for you?"
  • Statements to Build Intrigue: "You do this one thing that's soooo cute. But I don't want to tell you what it is, because then you'll stop doing it."
  • Teasing One Liners: "You and my grandma should totally pick up guys together."
  • Future Pacing Questions: "If you were in kissing school, what grade would you get?"
  • Frame Control Reversals: Her: "Why are you wearing that stupid shirt?" You: "I know you're trying to get me undressed right now, sweetie. But this isn't the time or the place for that, so relax."
  • Conversation Savers: "Alright, I'm going to show you a picture of my dog. Just to warn you though, this picture is so cute that rainbows might shoot out of your ass when you see it."
Next Up, You're Going to Get
Jon's Field Report Guide
Here's a secret that all successful people share...

Analyzing your performance is the quickest way to achieve mastery.

That's why we've created a simple, printable worksheet you'll fill out after every gaming session you have in the field.

Included in this guide are:
  • The 5 critical questions you MUST ask yourself when you go out.
  • How to leverage your after-action analysis to springboard your results.
  • How to avoid the common trap of doing the same things over and over again, and getting the same lackluster results.
  • How to unearth pearls of wisdom that you'll deploy the next time you go out.
All the best pickup artists do field reports.

And we're going to show you how to utilize them to skyrocket your success with women.
Finally, You'll Be Handed Jon's
Game Funnel Lead System
Have you ever noticed that successful salesmen are REALLY good with women?

Have you ever wondered why?

It's because attracting women is no different than selling merchandise — but the product is YOU!

In this breakthrough program, Jon will teach you how to shift your perspective into a sales mentality.

He'll show you how to leverage all the proven techniques of master salesmen to seduce ridiculously hot women.

In this program, you'll discover:
  • What a "Sales Funnel" is and how you can apply it to understand every aspect of your dating life, from opening... to first date... to first lay.
  • How to craft the perfect "Front End Offer" to get any girl saying "YES!" to hanging out with you. Even if she's NEVER met you before.
  • How to "systematize" your game so you can run your dating life like Apple runs its sales process. (This is where less effort = more results).
  • How to maximize your "back end retention" to keep women hooked for YEARS to come. This is how Microsoft and Netflix keep you using their products for DECADES.
Winning is Contagious. Here's More Testimonials From Our Growing Roster of Champions...
“These videos are just one technique after another. And I’m living proof that they work. You think: ‘I just said 5 words to this broad and she’s got the spooked monkey look. lol’"

"I’m on all the PUA forums, I’ve seen everything there is to see since 2002, and these videos really do click it up. Plus, there’s so much extra content included you could study it over and over again and still get new tricks to test out. Highly suggested.”
 -Shawn Collins, 27
Orem, UT
 -James O'Donnell, 32
Curborough, UK
“I consider myself a professional pick up artist and I buy new programs whenever they hit the market, and I’m really impressed with this bootcamp. It covers it all. And no, it’s not just recycled rubbish. I heard someone call it the king of all seduction programs and I have to agree with that statement. It will work for anyone who wants to get more girls. Beginner or pro.”
"I honestly can't believe Jon is giving this program away for only $497. I would have literally paid $5,000 for the knowledge that's hidden within this course."
"Thanks to Bitcoin Millionaire, I've been able to travel the world on my own dime, completely self-employed, and thanks to Alpha Evolution, I get to pick up girls in each city while I'm doing it... thanks a ton, Jon. You're a lifesaver."
-Ben Ramos, 27,
Southton, UK
I wish I had time to tell you about the vault of privileged information you're about to get with this program.

But if I did that, we'd be here until Christmas.

So for now, all I'll say is this...

This ISN'T another program that tries to stuff you into a one-size-fits-all approach.

This ISN'T another program that gives you a single piece of the puzzle then nickels and dimes you to get the rest.

This ISN'T another program that gives you a bunch of concepts and then leaves you hanging to "sort it out for yourself."

And this CERTAINLY ISN'T another program that tells you to put the videos under your pillow and the next morning you'll wake up with a girl on your dick.

This is The Only Program on The Market That

And it's The Only Program That Gives You
PERSONALIZED 1-on-1 Coaching While We
Work With You Directly to Help You Achieve
Your Goals With Women's the only program written by a group of alphas who have over 100 years of combined seduction experience.

...and it's the only program that will have us right there with you in the fight — ready to do whatever it takes to get you success — even if it means dragging you kicking and screaming across the finish line.
How much would it be worth to give yourself a sex life that's worthy of you as a man?



The truth is, guys just like you are spending tens of thousands  in training to get a fraction of the seduction knowledge we're offering to share with you today.

Seminars... in-person bootcamps... overpriced seduction programs... club entrance fees... drinks... dates.

Learning to attract women can get VERY EXPENSIVE.

And hiring Mark and I as your personal coaches would cost you $500 an hour (or $250 an hour each).

If we were to teach you the secrets we unveil in our 20 hour video series in person, you'd be looking at well over $10,000.

But since you've shown your sincere desire to improve by reading this far into this letter...

And since you're obviously intelligent enough to know that learning to attract women will take perseverance and a NEVER QUITTING attitude...

We're not going to ask you to pay $10,000 for the "Alpha Evolution Home Bootcamp."

In fact, we're not even going to ask you to pay A TENTH of that amount!

If you invest in this cutting edge training RIGHT NOW... if you commit to this program with NOTHING HELD BACK... then you get EVERYTHING listed above for just $497.

A paltry sum.

Especially when you consider we're lifting the veil on over 100 YEARS of combined seduction experience!

And especially worth it when you consider that we're not going to let you get away with anything less than massive success with women.

Here's the truth, brother...

EVERYTHING you need to get girls is right here in this program.

So if you're sick and tired of being the guy that doesn't get girls...

If you're fed up with settling for chicks that barely make the cut...

And if you're ready to COMMIT to true & lasting change...

Then I'd like to personally invite you to join us on this elite seduction training.

But here's the thing...

You'll have to pull the trigger RIGHT NOW.

We're only opening this Home Bootcamp to 50 students.

After that, the doors close for good.

And you won't be able to get in — FOR ANY PRICE.

So to secure your VIP membership before the gates close, click the "Get Instant Access" button right now!
Total Value: $12,468
Only $497 For A Limited Time!
And Of Course, Our Home Bootcamp Comes With Our 60 Day, No Questions Asked, Money back Guarantee
Mark and I KNOW you're going to be absolutely blown away  by this Home Bootcamp.

So we're going to take on ALL THE RISK of your investment today.

If at any time you feel like this program isn't going to work for you...

If you feel like it's too much content... or too in-depth for what you're looking for...

Then just send us an email within 60 days and we'll refund your money.

No questions asked!

So here's the trick...

Try this program now... go through it at your own pace... and DECIDE LATER if it was worth your investment.

If it's not — hey, no big deal.

Just send us a 5 second email and we'll buy the program right back from you. Easy peasy.

We want to make this investment as risk free for you as possible!

So go ahead...

Purchase it right now with the security of knowing you're 100% protected!
And Just to Make This Decision Even Easier For You, We're Also Throwing in Some Amazing Bonuses
Free Bonus #1: "Guide to the Female Orgasm"
Now that you're about to get more game, you're also about to get more women. I'm talking MANY more women!

And that means you're about to have more women NAKED in your BED.

So I have to ask: How confident are you in the bedroom?

Well, if you gave yourself anything less than a 10 out of 10, then you  might be letting girls down in the sack.

And we can all agree THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE.

That's why mark has spent the last 20 years of his life figuring out how to give girls the absolute best orgasms they've ever had.

I'm talking 5-minute long orgasms — where she's screaming like a demon — and where she looks like she just got hit with a tornado after you're done with her.

And he's mastered how to do it consistently... with different girls... even those who have never had an orgasm before.

"Guide to the Female Orgasm"  lets you upload all the knowledge Mark has gathered over his long career as a girl magnet, like plugging a USB right into your brain.

And it will teach you everything you need to know about becoming a superhero in the bedroom.

Like all of Mark's other programs, this one is stuffed full of great secrets, such as:
  • The "Vagina Make-Out Technique"
  • The "G-Spot Hook Maneuver"
  • The "Slide and Glide" Method
  • The "Rhythmic Build Strategy"
  • The "Brain Fuck Protocol"
  • The "Cum and Go" Technique
  • And so much more I don't have time to tell you about here...
Normally $77
Yours FREE Today!
Free Bonus #2: "Jon's Online Dating Manifesto"
Online dating in 2021 is HUGE.

In fact...

I'm willing to bet you're not taking full advantage of the INSANE OPPORTUNITY of dating and social media websites.

In my brand new program, "The Online Dating Manifesto,"  I lay down all the nitty gritty details about how to leverage these websites to your unfair advantage.

I expose my method for having sex with over 100 girls off Tinder... how to use social media like Snapchat and Instagram to communicate massive pre-selection... and the lazy man's way to get TONS of hot girl followers on a variety of social media platforms.

I also expose:
  • How the online dating landscape has completely changed in the last 10 years
  • The "6 Major Dating Applications" and why only two of them are worth your time
  • EXACTLY how to design your profile and bio so you've already won the battle with hot women BEFORE they even swipe right on you
  • And step-by-step EXAMPLES of exactly what to say... how to get her number... and how to pull her home from Tinder, Bumble and any other dating application.
The abundance of hot girls online is so ridiculous that it will add ZEROES to the number of girls you're talking to at any given time.

With this program in your back pocket, you'll talk to more girls in one week than most guys will talk to in a full year!
Normally $67
Yours FREE Today!
Free Bonus #3: "The College Game Blueprint"
Many guys who follow my content LOVE college girls.

Whether they're in college themselves... or whether they're older and simply enjoy girls who are in the prime of their sexuality...

We can all agree that college-aged girls are some of the hottest out there.

But getting college girls takes a very unique approach.

So unique, in fact, that I've backwards engineered the massive success my friends and I have had with sexy coeds.

In this bonus program — which is yours free today — I reveal:
  • The CRITICAL difference between a "closed social venue" and an "open social venue." And how 95% of guys SCREW THIS UP, isolating themselves from women and destroying any hopes they have of redeeming themselves in the future (I hope you're not doing what I outline in this section).
  • The "Jon Anthony 3 Step College PUA Plan" which is the guaranteed and FOOLPROOF way to get any type of girl you want in college. When you see how polished this plan is, you'll be heading out the door to try it even before you finish slapping your forehead.
  • My "Executive Overview" of fraternities... sports organizations... and academic organizations. And the critical secrets very few guys know about how to use these organizations to get yourself LAID (even if you're not in college).
  • What a "recurring event" is, and how you can use them to literally 10x your results with women with HALF the effort and ZERO cold approaching.
Normally $87
Yours FREE Today!
Free Bonus #4: "Hot Girl Interview Series"
In this 2 part video series, Mark Sing and Erik Amino interview a REALLY HOT girl about what women are attracted to.

They deftly "work her" to expose her dirtiest little secrets.

And they get to the bottom of what really  makes women wet in their panties.

Watch Mark expertly flirt with Stephanie as he pulls out the giggly little girl all women have inside them.

And get never-before-seen insights into how hot girls think (or don't think) when it comes to attraction.

What could be better than a little eye candy as we completely transform your understanding of hot women?
Normally $147
Yours FREE Today!
Free Bonus #5: "The Alpha Inner Circle Coaching Suite"

When you join our Home Bootcamp today, you'll get 2 free weeks of unrestricted VIP access to the Alpha Inner Circle Coaching Suite.
This is Where You'll Get 1-on-1 Coaching With Both Jon Anthony!
When you claim your suite in the Alpha Inner Circle Coaching Suite, you'll get exclusive access to the following benefits:
  • Ask Jon and Mark ANY question you have about girls — 24 hours a day — and they'll answer your questions IN REAL TIME!
  • Ask questions about approaching... bantering... gambits... texting... frame control... online dating... your sticking points... sex... how to handle a girl who's giving you mixed signals... and ANYTHING else that has to do with seduction and dating!
  • You'll get access to our weekly live Q&A sessions, where you'll get to interact with Jon and Mark DIRECTLY. This is where the week's most pressing themes will be discussed and unpacked in real time.
  • All video recordings... answers... and direct replies from Jon and Mark will be available to you indefinitely. That's the equivalent of getting another video training course with this bonus alone!
  • How many times have you lost a girl over texting? Well say goodbye to texting headaches once and for all! Just tell Jon and Mark about your texting hiccups and they'll help you text any girl straight onto your cock!
  • You'll get instant notifications when questions from other students are answered by Jon or Mark. These answers will usually come in video form, and they'll add immeasurable value to your training and progress with women.
  • Finally, you're going to get instant feedback from other members of the coaching suite. Nothing is better than multiple alphas hammering out a solution to any problem you might have with women. And our alphas are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced pickup artists in the community. So no matter what situation you're up against, our team of heavy hitters will always provide you with the perfect solution!
  • The coaching suite uses the "Discord Chat App" which is accessible from your computer... tablet... and phone! Just download the app, log in, and BLAOW — you're in there! (You'll receive set-up instructions when you sign up. And trust me, it's super easy to use!)
This is the single best way we could think of to give you unlimited access to Mark and I at a fraction of the cost of in-person coaching.

You'll get unrestricted, VIP access for 2 weeks ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Then, when you experience the radical progress you'll make as a member of this elite fraternity, do nothing.

We'll conveniently bill your card $97 for your monthly charter membership — cancel anytime.

And remember, this is the best way to get direct coaching at a fraction of the cost of working with us in person or on the phone.

In fact, this coaching method has been so successful, that Mark and I are considering moving our regular in-person clients into the coaching suite.

We believe this is the most powerful (and affordable) way to provide tier-1 coaching.

It's less expensive and it gives you access to an entire community of like-minded Alphas.

We really can't think of anything better than that!!!
Normally $997/month
Yours FREE For 2 Weeks!
*Then a small monthly membership fee of $97 — you can cancel at anytime
So Let's Review What You Get By
Ordering Now...
  • The Instant Attraction Core Video Anthology by Jon Anthony, Mark Sing, and Erik Amino — 20 hours of content... 55 video chapters... all inside 10 easily digestible modules.
A $10,000 Value
  • All Videos on MP3 — Perfect for on-the-go listening on your mobile device!
A $499.95 Value
  • 10 Module Missions by Jon Anthony — Designed to help you plow through sticking points and make REAL progress with women in a fraction of the time.
A $249.95 Value
  • The Quickstart Video Guide by Mark Sing— A 45 minute video that will walk you through the entire seduction process so you can go out and start getting results as soon as TONIGHT.
A $197 Value
  • Jon's Game Funnel Lead System — Learn all the secrets of master salesmen and how to adopt proven selling principles to seduce women
A $49.95 Value
  • Jon's Field Report Guide — Use this guide to duplicate the success of the best pickup artists in the world by accurately logging your interactions with women. This is the smartest way to radically sharpen your seduction skills FAST.
A $29.95 Value
  • The Conversation Sniper by Mark Sing — 101 deadly one-liners to breathe new life into dying conversations.
A $57 Value
  • The College Game Blueprint by Jon Anthony — How to seduce girls who are in college using the most cutting-edge tricks, tips, and techniques in this NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN guide.
An $87 Value
  • The Online Dating Manifesto by Jon Anthony — How to leverage the massive opportunity of social media to your near-criminal advantage
A $67 Value
  • Guide to the Female Orgasm by Mark Sing — How to give girls earth shattering orgasms with both cunnilingus & incredible sex
A $77 Value
  • The Hot Girl Interview Series Parts 1 & 2 With Mark Sing & Erik Amino — Watch a super hot girl reveal her darkest secrets that most women would be too embarrassed to admit
A $147 Value
  • The Alpha Inner Circle Coaching Suite (2 Weeks FREE Access!) — Get 1-on-1 coaching with Jon Anthony and Mark Sing with unbridled 24 hour access!!!
A $997/month Value
  • Our 60-Day, IRONCLAD 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEE!
Our Gift To You!
Total Value: $12,468
Only $497 For A Limited Time!
Mark and I wish we could invite everyone into this Home Bootcamp... we really do.

But since the training includes personalized coaching, we only have time to bring on 50 students.
The Official Launch is Thursday, November 15th,
at 2pm Eastern Time
If you want to join us on this journey, I STRONGLY encourage you to be on this page at that exact time and date.

Based on other similar promotions we've run... and based on all the questions and interest we're getting in this program... we're positive those 50 spots will be gone in minutes rather than hours.

Once again, just make sure you're on this page at that time and date.
And if for any reason you can't make it to the launch day, go ahead and shoot us an email and we'll see about getting you in early (restrictions apply)
Again, the "Instant Access" buttons will unlock at exactly 2pm Eastern Time on November 15th!

So make sure you're here when we hit GO!
Hi, are you still here?

Well maybe that's because you're on the fence about this Home Bootcamp.

If that's the case, let's review your options, shall we?

Option 1...

Close this page and go back to your current predicament with women.

Continue being disappointed with the results you're getting. And yell at yourself for not making the change.

Always wonder if this course could have been your secret weapon to FINALLY getting the girls you really want.

Option 2...

Spend 10+ years in the field learning all the secrets we've uncovered about getting girls.

Execute hundreds of nights out... endure thousands of painful rejections... and spend tens of thousands of dollars on entrance fees... drinks... and dates (if you can get them).

Reverse engineer all the ILLOGICAL things women do...

And struggle through a decade or more to finally get level 10 game.

Option 3...

Take the shortest, fastest, and most effective way to becoming the girl magnet you've always wanted to be, and become a member of the Alpha Evolution Home Bootcamp today.

Live out the rest of your life as a full-fledged ladies' man...

And smile knowing you had the courage to take action when a life-changing opportunity presented itself.

You've read this far into the letter for a reason.

There's a feeling inside you that KNOWS there's something better.

It knows your ticket to the good life is just on the other side of saying YES today.

And remember...

You have absolutely nothing to lose!

If you don't LOVE this Home Bootcamp, just send us an email and we'll refund every cent of your money.

That means you can discover ALL our secrets with absolutely ZERO risk.

So either you win... or you win.

Pretty good odds, right?

And just to make this the easiest decision you've ever made, we'll even take it one step further...

If you choose to return the program, you can go ahead and keep the bonuses at our expense.

THAT'S how much we KNOW you're going to love this training.

Close your eyes and picture how life would look like 10 YEARS from now if you DON'T LEARN how to attract women.

How would you feel about yourself then? Pretty damn crappy, right?

Now take that version and FLIP IT.

Imagine yourself a month from now with a super hot girl in your bedroom...

She's kissing your neck as she unbuckles your belt...

Sliding your underwear down as she looks up at you with her innocent eyes...

Taking you into her warm wet mouth...

And urging you, BEGGING YOU, to put your dick deep inside her.

Those experiences will be yours when you invest in the Alpha Evolution Home Bootcamp today.

And even if I'm only half right, you'll still get more action in one month than you would in a lifetime!

So don't wait one second longer.

Click the "Instant Access" button right now.

And experience what it's like to have everything you ever wanted with women.

Years ago our lives changed when we discovered that attracting women is something that can be learned.

And now it's your turn to crack the vault and reveal EVERYTHING our teams have discovered about seduction.

Within seconds you'll gain access to the Alpha Evolution VIP Member's area.

And a once-in-a-lifetime journey will begin for you... just as it did for Mark and I all those years ago.

The only question is...

Are you ready — truly ready  — to possess a power that you've wanted for as long as you can remember?

If you are, then click the "Instant Access" button below and get access to the greatest program on seduction ever created.

Your new life is waiting...

We'll see you on the inside!
Frequently Asked Questions
What's the Alpha Evolution Home Bootcamp About?
This is a video mastery course with live coaching that teaches men how to attract women. It's 10 video modules, 55 chapters, and includes 1-on-1 coaching and a ton of extra bonuses.
Who Is This Product For?
It's for men of course, but will work for any guy of any age. We've taught students of all demographics, ages, from dozens of different countries, and this stuff literally works for any guy, anywhere. It works for ugly guys, short guys, bald guys, fat guys... it doesn't matter. This proven system will work for any guy who wants to get girls.
How Exactly Does The Alpha Inner Circle Coaching Suite Work?
After buying the Alpha Evolution Bootcamp at Home, you will be emailed your login information to access your purchase within a few minutes. From here, the instructions to join the Alpha Inner Circle Coaching Suite can be found within the "Introduction Section."

All you do is download the "Discord Chat App" onto your phone or computer, click on the special link we give you, and you will be immediately invited into our chat group with open arms, where you can ask any question you want, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and get direct access to both Mark Sing and I, your coach, Jon Anthony.
Is The Alpha Evolution Home Bootcamp Discreetly Billed?
Yes! We understand how important it is to our students to keep things on the down low, so the billing is very discreet. You will see a charge from "JP Business Ventures, LLC" or "Masculine Development" on your card and any confirmation emails will come from "Masculine Development." It won't say "How to Get A Girlfriend" or "How to Get Better Game" or anything else that you don't want to have to explain to someone.
Will I Get Physical DVD's in the Mail?
Our clients demand access to the course from more devices than just their home TV, so we made the program 100% digital. This means you can access it from your computer, tablet, smartphone, MP3 player, or any other device that can play audio or video. Since producing and shipping DVD sets would have tripled the overhead cost, making it this way also allowed us to keep the price down for our clients.
How Will I Access The Content Once I Purchase The Course?
You will be emailed your login details shortly after purchasing your spot, so you can gain exclusive access to the VIP member's area. This is where the videos will be, including the bonuses, MP3 files, Field Report Guide, Game Funnel Lead System, Quickstart Guide, and more. The Alpha Inner Circle Coaching Suite is accessible via an easy to use ap that we'll show you how to download right onto your phone. As a side note, we want to wow you with what you'll be getting, so we always err on the side of over-delivering!
Will I Get Any Support?
Yes. You'll have access to our exclusive member's area where we offer support. Simply send us a message through the member's area and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
Does the Alpha Evolution Home Bootcamp come with a money back guarantee?
YES! We're so confident that the Alpha Evolution Home Bootcamp will get you women, that if you're not happy with the program just let us know within 60 days and we'll send you a full refund. We'll also let you keep all the bonuses! No fuss, no muss.
Is This Course For Beginners or Advanced Users?
We specifically formatted this program to be multilayered. That means it will work for you if you're a beginner or if you're already an expert with women. Methods are methods, tricks are tricks, but even for the expert, we delve deep into topics we guarantee you haven't heard of before. I'm talking about complete unconscious mastery of seduction — becoming a natural without even trying anymore.
How Long Will It Take Before I Start Landing Girls?
That completely depends on you, but we've seen students get amazing results in just a matter of days. Like anything else, how much you get out of the content depends on how much you put into it. I'm definitely not the guy to tell you: "Just by my product, shove it under your pillow, and the next morning you'll wake up with a girl on your dick." It's going to take some work, but we know how to teach, and we use our YEARS OF EXPERIENCE to drive you to your goals in the quickest, easiest way possible.
I've Bought Other Stuff Before and It Didn't Work. Why Should I Think This Would Be Any Different?
I don't know what else you bought, so I can't say for sure. But what I can say is we've taught this information to thousands of guys in varying products & seminars and our refund rate is the lowest in the industry. We're also buried neck-deep in rave reviews from satisfied alphas.

The other thing is... we've seen almost all the other dating courses on the market right now and they're chock full of filler and empty promises. We timed it, and some dating coaches take 5 minutes to get to one technique. They also go on big tangents about some story that happened to them that has little do with your seduction training. With Alpha Evo, we shoot techniques at you rapid fire. No filler, no redundant storytelling to beef up our film times — just focused, high quality training that you can put to immediate use. This Home Bootcamp is filled to the brim with high quality content.

We also include our "Inner Game Mastery" course, which takes our system to the next level. It's possible that other courses didn't work for you, because they weren't addressing the root cause of your problems with women, just trying to cover them up. Alpha Evolution is about full seduction mastery — from the inside, and out.
Do You Have Any Proof That This Stuff Works?
ABSOLUTELY - check out our testimonials section above. The Home Bootcamp is still a relatively new product, but we get stacks of reviews each week from our test group that confirm how game-changing this system really is.
I Have My Eyes On A Specific Woman Right Now. Will This Help Me Get Her?
Yes. My guess is that you're in the friend zone with this girl and you want to take things to the next level. What you need to do is change the way she sees you, and the best way to do that is to get good with women in general. Right now, she knows you're not, and that's a big hit to your value in her eyes.

Once you get good with women in general, she will start to see you differently. IN fact, she may just start wondering what she's missing... and wondering if perhaps she made a mistake, because the proof is right in front of her that you are in fact a chick magnet. And we always want what we can't have.

So make sure she sees you with other women. Be subtle about it, but soon enough she'll be the one asking to take things to the next level.
Will This Work If I Want to Get Younger Women?
Yes. All women are wired the same, regardless of age. So all of the cutting-edge female psychology we used as the foundation for our techniques will work if you're 50 and want a 25 year old, or if you're 20 and want a 35 year old.

Age doesn't matter at all.

Nor does color, religion, politics... you name it. Women are all wired the same and once you know what attracts them, you can seduce women at will. We call it "flipping the switch."
I Don't Have A Ton of Time to Learn This. Are There Any Shortcuts?
That's an interesting question. I would have to tell you that this IS the shortcut. We're very aware of how marketers advertise in this industry. They'll tell you: "just say these 3 words to a woman and she'll become obsessed with you!" We all want to believe that, but once your money is taken, you're left with yet another disappointment...

Yes, there are tricks to get women attracted. But just like getting 6 pack abs in 3 days, landing girls with zero effort is a completely unrealistic fantasy.

What you get with us is honesty. And with that, a genuine desire to help you succeed. No, we're not going to sugar coat it — this was the SHORTEST possible time we could teach you how to REALLY date and sleep with attractive women. No pie in the sky promises. No bullshit. We teach you everything you need, period.

That said, you certainly don't have to watch all 10 modules in one sitting. If you're not in a big hurry — or you only have a little time every day to increase your game — I would suggest you absorb a few chapters a day. That will take you a bit over an hour per session. At that pace, you'll get through the course in a few weeks.

Where would you be in three weeks if you did nothing? You would be exactly where you are right this minute. You would be no closer to getting girls than you are right now. Or, you would purchase yet another course that starts their relationship with you with a lie.
I'm Already Getting Girls. Will This System Help Me Get Hotter Ones?
Definitely. Attractive women have been hit on maybe tens of thousands of times. So you need advanced tactics to get through their built-in rejection mechanisms.

Mark and I are fanatical about testing this stuff to make sure it works. In fact, for each trick/technique we teach, there are usually 4 or 5 other techniques we've thrown out. Only the best of the best make it into the series, and it's specifically structured to get high quality, attractive women. Why would you want anything else?

That being said, I have no reservations when I say if you work the Alpha Evolution Home Bootcamp, put in the time and try our methods out, you will get a 9 or a 10. Yes, a 10. Girls you'd never thought you could actually have... in your bed... in their panties and bra.

As a side note, we wouldn't put our names on a product like this unless it kicked some serious ass. Give more than you ask for in return, that's our philosophy, and it's incarnate with this Home Bootcamp.
I Don't Want to Have to Change a Bunch. Will I Need to?
Attracting women effectively is not about completely changing who you are (though other courses might tell you otherwise); it's about revealing the high self-esteem and confidence that you were born with. Your past traumas, limiting belief systems, and negative experiences with women have covered that up. And like a dirty window, the light can't shine through.

But with the right instruction, the low value traits that come with trauma (and that consequently repel women) can be wiped away in far less time than you think.

Other courses tell you to be confident and have good self-esteem around women. But they don't SHOW YOU HOW.

The Alpha Evolution Home Bootcamp not only shows you how, but shows you simple techniques that rapidly "clean up the mess." We've seen guys get hit on by girls after just one day of practicing these techniques. That's why we chose the name "Alpha Evolution."

Our favorite part of the series is the inner game section, because at one time, I too believed that I was completely worthless when it came to landing girls.

Needless to say, these cutting edge techniques changed the lives of Mark and I. And all we want to do is get them into the hands of as many men as possible.

So will you change with this course? Yes, but for the better. You'll be happier, more confident, have more energy, and most importantly, attract women at will.

How do we know you're ready to change for the better? Because you've read this far.

Only a true alpha has the balls to change. And for that, we tip our hats to you.
When Can I Get Started?
Now that's the question we like to hear! You can get started right now. Just click the "Instant Access" button and within seconds you'll be on your way to more women.

We can't wait to show you this Home Bootcamp. It's gonna absolutely blow your  mind!

See You Inside,
P.S. - Remember, this is the only program on the market that will teach you every element of seduction, from A all the way to Z. It's also the only program where you get personalized 1-on-1 coaching from the creators. So you'll get all the benefits of in-person coaching at a fraction of the cost. And all from the comfort of your own home!

P.P.S. - Since this program includes 1-on-1 coaching, we only have room for 50 students. And we expect it to sell out in minutes rather than hours. The official release date is Thursday, November 15th, at 2pm Eastern Time.
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