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Have YOU Ever Experienced Any of The Following Problems?

Do You Find it IMPOSSIBLE to Lose Excess Fat and Build tons of Muscle?

Do you feel like you've tried and tried and tried, and yet no matter how much effort you put in, you just CAN'T SEEM to get any reward?

Do You Feel WEAK? Like a Man Living in a Little Boy's Body?

Do you feel embarrassed about your body? Like if you had to protect your loved ones, there's no way in hell you could?

Do You Feel ASHAMED to Take Off Your Shirt When There's Girls Around?

Are you afraid that others will look down on you, or judge you, because you're just so god damn out of shape?

Do you wish that you had a shredded physique, that women would go crazy for?

If so, this may be the most important message you'll ever read.
My Name is Jon Anthony and For YEARS I was a Skinny-Fat NERD

A lot of guys who read my blog might wonder how this could be.

They see me weighing in at a whopping 185 pounds, at a SICKENINGLY chiseled 6% bodyfat, and they wonder how the hell I was ever so scrawny!

In fact, that's me right there in the picture above. Yup, that shredded physique? I built it from scratch.
I Know it Might be Hard to Believe, But I Was Once a Pathetic 125 Pounds.
I was so ridiculously tiny that THE FUCKING WIND would make me lose my balance and topple over! Even x-small clothes would BARELY fit me...and what's worse is that I had a gut!
That's right...I had a gut. I was the dreaded "skinny fat," that you hear people talking about. I thought you were either skinny or fat, but apparently you can be both scrawny and have a big belly at the same time!
In Other Words, I Had the Absolute WORST Genetics OF ALL TIME!
It didn't matter how many push ups I did, it didn't matter how many sit ups I didn't even matter how many pull ups or sprints I did. I just could NOT put on any damn weight!

But then, one day, something happened that would change my life forever. It left me completely scarred, to the point of humiliation.

I was at the beach one summer, and I saw my crush...she was a beautiful petite blonde girl that looked like a model.

I thought that I would go talk to her and tell her how I felt. So, after an AGONIZING 2 hours of working up the courage, I went up to her, and muttered:

"H-hey, I think you're really pretty. Do you want to go on a date with me?"

She laughed in my face, and said: "Haha, sorry. I only like buff guys."
I was completely and utterly HUMILIATED
After that happened, I went home and cried for hours. I know it sounds stupid, but in my 15 year old brain, I didn't know how to cope with it.

My crush had just brutally rejected me, in front of everyone at the beach...what the hell was I supposed to do?
I lied in bed for HOURS, wondering how I could possibly even begin to fix my problems. I was so damn skinny! I thought I'd tried everything, though?

I'd done calisthenics, I'd tried eating differently...I'd even played around with some old weights lying around in my house.

After browsing around on the internet though, I found that a local gym was having a special. "Buy a year's membership and get 6 free months of personal training!"

I signed up for my local gym the next day, and IMMEDIATELY met with a personal trainer
I told the guy about my situation, and he assured me that he could help... but boy, was he WRONG.
For 6 whole months I followed his advice to a T, and had absolutely NOTHING to show for it.

"What the hell?" I thought. I was doing everything he said! Why was it not working? I decided to confront him one day:

"Hey, I've been following your advice for a while now. Why haven't I gained any weight?" I asked him.

"Well," he said, "Sometimes building muscle is slow...but, there's some supplements that you could take to help with that."
I Should Have Walked Out on Him Right Then and There...
I didn't know it at the time, but the "supplement industry," is a multi-BILLION dollar scam. They sell you empty promises and shallow lies, in the hopes that you'll fork over your hard-earned money.

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I fell for his tricks...I bought $200 worth of supplements that day, and my hopes were re-kindled.
Those same hopes died after a few short months. I did everything he said, though! What the hell could have gone wrong?!

I took his "special brand," of whey protein when he said to take it, I took his "killer pre-workout," that he recommended...I even took the creatine that he said would "pump up my muscles in record time," and do you know what I had to show for it?

Absolutely nothing. Zip. Nada. Jack shit.

I was still the same scrawny 125 pound beanpole as ever before...but I was headstrong, and would not let bad advice and scams deter me.
After HOURS of Research I Eventually Spent $97 on My First "Professional" Bodybuilding Routine
In retrospect, it wasn't even that great - just a basic "bro split," as they're referred to in the bodybuilding community.

But I didn't even care. I was so god damn happy! After following the routine for just a few months, I'd gone up to 135! A whole 10 pounds!

I was elated, and it felt fucking amazing. My friends and family complemented me on my newfound gains, guys respected me more, and best of all, more ladies were turning heads...

It was almost too good to be true! Life was great...until, I hit a problem.
No Matter How Much I Worked Out, I Just COULDN'T Put on Any More Muscle!
I was infuriated! I felt like success was SO CLOSE - yet JUST out of my reach!

I'd already put on 10 pounds of muscle in just a few months, and it looked great! Why the hell did my progress stop though?!

I decided to ask one of the gigantic behemoths at my gym, and with his foot on a 120 pound dumbbell that he'd just finished curling, he spoke:

"Do more compound lifts."
So After Even MORE Research, I Stumbled Upon a Power-Lifting Routine Called Strong Lifts...
It consisted entirely of compound lifts. You know, like bench press, squat, and deadlifts? The big heavy lifts that giant burly men do.

I followed the routine and put on a MASSIVE 10 POUNDS in just 2 months! Holy shit, I couldn't believe it!

But again, it was too good to be true. Something went wrong...
Even Though I Was Up Another 10 Pounds, Something Wasn't Quite Right...
I didn't get it. If being 135 got me more complements, more respect from men, and more women, then 145 would be even MORE of that stuff, right?

Wrong. Although I didn't realize it at the time, it's not just about how much muscle you's about WHERE that muscle is.

Strong Lifts had gotten me more muscle, but it wasn't in the right places. It was distributed all unevenly.

I had gigantic legs from doing squats every day, huge pecs from all the weight I was benching, and virtually NON-EXISTENT arms and abs.

At least when I was 135, I noticed a difference in how people treated me! Now though? It was like I went back to square one!
I Was So Close to Giving Up...I Felt Completely and Utterly Defeated!
I'd just spent the last 12 months working out in the gym, and for what? I had NOTHING to show for it except my bloated legs and scrawny arms.

I didn't know what to do! I was so confused! I thought I did the right thing, but it just felt like everyone had a different opinion - who could I trust?

It was then, in my moment of complete despair, that I stumbled upon something that would change my life forever.

It wasn't a routine, but it was a framework, a idea.
I Discovered a Revolutionary New Type of "Hybrid Training," That Was Being Used By Top Russian Athletes to Absolutely SHATTER Their Previous Records...
"Holy shit. This is going to be big," I said to myself. As I rapidly scoured through underground bodybuilding forums, I found just what I was looking for.

It was so SIMPLE, too! The idea was to combine strength training, mass training, AND high intensity interval training...all into one routine.

"There's no way," I thought. "That's too much for one routine, isn't it?"

But I was curious...what if somebody could find a way to combine all three? They could have a routine that would successfully put on POUNDS of lean muscle, without an ounce of record time.
"There's no way," I thought. This was just another scam, like everything else in the fitness industry, right?

By this point I'd wasted close to $1,500 on terrible workout routines and rip off supplements.

But something inside of me wanted to believe, so I took the plunge.

I found one of the guys who posted the original comment, and sent him a personal message...

"I saw your post on that weird new hybrid-training thing. Can you tell me more?"

I waited, and waited, and waited, then waited some more. Hours went by, days, even weeks...eventually I forgot that I'd even sent him the message.
But Then, One Day I Opened Up My Inbox, and There it Was...His Entire Fucking Routine.
"Holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit!" I opened up the message and studied his routine very, VERY carefully.

"What the hell. There's no way this would work! That's too much..."

But, again, I'd made it this why not try it out?

I printed out a copy, and studied it very closely...I had it completely memorized. I knew all the exercises, all the techniques...

I wanted everything to flow perfectly. I didn't want to have to ask someone how to perform an exercise or something, so I made SURE I knew what I was doing.

Then, the next day, I went to the gym and did his routine. It was the best workout of my entire life.

I couldn't believe it. As I soaked my aching muscles in the hot tub afterwards, I thought to myself: "This is only day 1. I think I'm in for a ride."

And I was.
Over The Next 6 Months, I Watched My Body Transform From A Skinny-Fat Atrocity, to a Jacked. Fucking. BEAST.
I went from looking like a pathetic man-boy into looking like a fucking bodybuilder! Everything was bigger, and I'd lost TONS of fat!

My biceps were bulging, my pecs were massive, I had a V-Taper, and I even had a six pack! The benefits I got were absolutely LIFE-CHANGING!
They started complementing me! I couldn't believe how easy it was to flirt with them. They'd complement me on my arms, my shoulders, and even ask to touch my abs!
 I couldn't believe how strong I'd gotten in such a short period of time! And it kept getting better - I was breaking my own records every single damn workout!
I put in the work, and I had the results to show for it. I had a lean, shredded body that shot my confidence through the ROOF! FINALLY, a body that I could feel good about!
But It Doesn't Stop There...
Even though the routine I discovered was absolutely incredible, the bio-hacker in me decided that it could be even BETTER...

I've spent the last 10 YEARS experimenting with all sorts of different workout schemes, diets, and recovery tactics...

Month by month, year by year, I've slowly, and PAINSTAKINGLY improved this routine to being the absolute best fucking routine on the market.

...and I do not say this lightly. Boys, I give to you the product of countless hours, thousands of dollars wasted, and nearly a decade of research:
Body of an Alpha
How to Build The Lean, Shredded Physique That Women Go Crazy For
Body of an Alpha is the result of literally years of searching for the best, most effective solutions to generate a MASSIVE change in your physique.

Within just a few months of employing this guide, here's what you can expect:
  •  The Physique of Zeus
Your body will begin to transform right before your very eyes, as you do my personal, custom-made routine. You will begin to look like a GREEK GOD, creating a newfound sense of confidence in your life.
  •  Effortless Attraction
As your body begins to transform, more and more women will DESPERATELY want to have sex with you. They'll stare at you, admire you, flirt with you, and even ask you out. Get the girl of your dreams TODAY!
  •  Alpha Male Status
Watch your friends come to respect you more and more, as you put on POUNDS of lean, powerful muscle. You will become a natural leader of men, as your incredible physique inspires respect in others.
Jon's Exercise Demonstration Guide!
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HUNDREDS of Men Agree!
Ron Singer
-New York, NY
"You really outdid yourself this time, Jon."
"I bought this not really expecting more than a workout routine, but I was honestly astounded at how much else came with it."

"Not only did you cover the workout routine that I was looking forward to, but you covered pretty much everything else that I could've ever asked for.

"As a hard-gainer, I found your 'hard-gainer cheat sheet,' incredibly useful - I've gained nearly 20 pounds in just 2 months!"
"All I can say is, WOW!!"
"Holy shit Jon, you really created a masterpiece here. As a German man I have a lot of really buff guys to compete with, so it was always hard standing out here."

"But in the past 3 months, I've already gotten so many complements from the girls at uni. Just the other day I was swimming and as I got out, a group of girls was pointing and giggling at me! This must be good!"

"I don't care how much you charge for the final version, even if it's €500 euros! The way I feel is worth every bit!"
Hans Weber
-Berlin, Germany
Lee Hae-Jin
-Seoul, South Korea
"There is no competition."
"I do not know if you have ever visited to Korea, but most men here are very weak. We have culture that encourage men to be physically weak."

"So, I decided enough! I have been following your teachings for 4 months now, and other Korean men cannot even compete."

"Everywhere I go, girls shout: 'Lee! Lee!' and it feels so good to know they are attracted to me now. Thank you so much Jon!"
Don't Wait a Second Longer - Get Started TODAY!
The decision that you make right this instant can either change your life or leave you anxious, pathetic, and with low status for the rest of your life...

STOP living in fear! Stop failing with women, stop living a life of mediocrity, and start taking MASSIVE ACTION to accomplish your goals!

DO NOT let this opportunity pass you by or you will regret it fort he rest of your life. Take the plunge and make a COMMITMENT to become the man that you were always destined to be!
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All of This is Only $27, For A Limited Time!
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This Guide is INSANELY Effective!
Victor Sokolov
-Sochi, Russia
"I've gone from fat ass to badass."
"For many years I was chubby and had a small frame - sort of like what you describe as skinny fat. I was 6'0" and around 220 pounds, but it wasn't muscle at all."

"So I started your Body of an Alpha workout, and followed [removed for copyright] like you said to do...I'm down 30 pounds and it's only been 1 month!!"

"I can't wait to see how I look in 6 months! Jon, thank you so much for helping me get down this path. You have a customer for life!"
"The girls can't get enough!"
"I've been following your program for 6 months Jon, and I feel like a f--king Greek god!"

"Just the other day I was walking down the beach, and a group of girls literally walked up to ME! They told me that I was sexy and they wanted to hang out."

"I nearly passed out, lol! Needless to say, your program has helped me score countless girls...and your game advice doesn't hurt, either ;)"
Kyle Singer
-San Diego, USA
Adam Knight
-London, UK
"My bench has tripled..."
"I don't know if it's the diet that you recommend or the recovery advice, but my bench has TRIPLED in the past 6 months!"

"I started out at a wimpy 95 pounds, and now I'm benching almost 300!! I'm stronger than ever, have more energy than ever, and feel great!"

"My newfound strength has also given me a ton of confidence in my personal and private lives - I can't thank you enough, Jon!"
"I look like Adonis."
"I have been working out for many years, but like your honest no-bullshit advice, so I decided to try your routine for 6 months."

"I cannot believe how much I was doing wrong! I had been training the wrong way for almost 5 years, but your eBook showed me this, and now my progress is amazing...even my friends cannot believe it!"

"Now when we go to restaurants and bars, everyone looks at me when I walk in - I feel like a Greek god! Thank you so much Jon, I cannot repay you enough!"
Rohan Shah
-New Delhi, India
About The Author
Jon has spent the past 10 years dedicating his life to self-development, including fitness, dating, psychology, and spirituality. After radically improving his life, he now helps others do the same.

Jon currently resides in the USA, and will be moving to Las Vegas within the next year in order to perfect his game, launch his new YouTube channel, and invest in real estate.
"Is Your Workout Really That Effective?"
Absolutely. I've spent years perfecting and fine-tuning it, so that it's the most well-designed, perfect routine in all of existence.

I got tired of all the scam routines out there, because I know what it's like when you WANT to get jacked, and will do ANYTHING to do it, but you just don't know HOW!

I made this routine SPECIFICALLY for guys trying to build the lean, shredded physique that women go crazy for, and it doesn't disappoint.
Your Body Will Transform Before Your Very Eyes...
Imagine it - looking in the mirror, at a shredded physique that YOU earned.

Imagine that your biceps are huge, your triceps are shredded, your shoulders look like look like a god damn superhero.

Now imagine how you'd feel knowing that every girl that sees you will want to fuck you.

Every guy that sees you will feel intimidated by you.

Family members will complement you, your colleagues will be envious of you, and your friends will look up to you...

Imagine how that would feel, because it's entirely possible. Take my word for it.
Advantages vs. Disadvantages
Let's say you decide to purchase the Body of an Alpha package, and some other guy walks away from this AMAZING once in a lifetime opportunity.

What would you gain, that he wouldn't?
If You Buy It
  •  Incredible Confidence: As you get stronger and stronger each week, your confidence will grow to unstoppable levels! Become an UNSHAKABLE force, that hunts down your goals with ferocity!
  • More Girls: One of the biggest benefits of having a chiseled physique is the interest that you'll get from more worrying about finding a girlfriend for you!
  • More Respect: A man's body is a reflection of his when your body is a hulking, gigantic behemoth of muscle and power, what does that say about you? Imagine the respect you'll get from your friends, family, and colleagues...
  •  A Jacked Physique: You'll learn how to build the body of your dreams, with a ginormous back, sculpted legs, and massive arms.
If You Don't
  •  Broke as a Joke: You waste $1,000+ on scammy routines and supplements that don't work, instead of buying the one DEFINITIVE guide that does!
  •  Few Girls: You don't ever date the woman of your dreams, and end up settling for a girl that's "alright," having a mediocre marriage for the rest of your life.
  •  Zero Confidence: You never commit to changing your body, and remain physically WEAK, which bleeds into all areas of your life, making you pathetic.

Your New Physique is Waiting...Are You Going to Take The Call to Action?
  • Build a body that generates MASSIVE attraction from women INSTANTLY!
  • Earn the RESPECT of your friends, and become a natural LEADER of men!
  • Attain SKY-HIGH status with your newfound as others instantly recognize YOU as an alpha male!
  • Develop rock-solid confidence that LAUGHS in the face of struggles and opposition!
  • Cultivate SUPER-HUMAN discipline from following Jon's grueling workout routine!
  • Experience the RUSH of having a fully primed, pumped up body with EXPLOSIVE strength, power, and speed!
30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
Secure payments through PayPal or Credit Card
As a token of my complete and utter belief in the Body of an Alpha workout routine and package, I am going to offer you a 30 day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.
If at ANY POINT over the next 30 days, you don't feel like you got EVERYTHING that you need in order to get shredded as hell, then please...send me an email at ANY TIME, and I will PERSONALLY refund your purchase.
Frequently Asked Questions
So how long will it take for me to transform my body?
I specifically talk about this in Chapter 4 - I lay out a roadmap of what to expect over the next year. But, you can expect to notice slight differences within a week or two, with a significant difference after 3 months. Come 6 months you'll start getting a TON of complements from family, friends, and girls. After a year, you'll start to turn heads and get more attraction from women than you ever thought possible.
How did you decide what to put in Alpha Supplements?
Over the past decade I've spent nearly $10,000 on supplements - most of it was a waste. So when I got the chance to work at Max Muscle, a world-renowned bodybuilding supplement store, I learned the ins and outs of the supplement industry. The recommendations in Alpha Supplements are based off of literally a decade of experience trying out 100's of supplements.
What if I'm really, really out of shape? Will this still work for me?
Yes. If you put in the work, it will pay off. If you're lazy and skip workouts and don't follow the diet that I recommend, it will not work. Whether or not you get a world class physique is entirely your decision. Choose wisely.
Can you tell me more about the structure of this eBook?
The Body of an Alpha eBook has 153 pages and 4 main sections: The Basics, The Training, The Recovery, and The Future. It consists of 26 chapters, plus my "parting thoughts," and covers damn near everything you need to know about getting shredded.

Alpha Supplements is divided into two sections depending on your goals: either fat loss or muscle gain. Then, within each of those goals, I have two categories of supplements: the newbie ones, and the hardcore barely-legal steroid ones. So whether you're trying to put on pounds of muscle or melt away pounds of fat, I've got you covered.
What if I already work out?
That's fine, you'll still gain a lot from this eBook. Most people, even if they've been working out for YEARS, don't realize that they're still making a ton of mistakes that destroy any chance they have of packing on lean muscle. They're not following a good diet, they're not training properly, they're not recovering fast enough...the list goes on and on.

Don't make the mistakes that everyone else makes. Learn from my 10 years of experience and $10,000+ wasted on supplements and scam routines.
Tell me more about this priority coaching?
When you purchase my Body of an Alpha package, you'll get priority coaching. What this means is that if you ever have a question, comment, or concern, you can personally email me and I'll answer within the next 2 business days. Whether your question is about dieting, routine, or anything else, I'll help you out.
If I'm not satisfied, how will you personally refund my purchase?"
First off, I guarantee that you will be ABSOLUTELY satisfied with your purchase, but on the off chance that you're not, just shoot me an email at and I'll personally refund you via whichever way you paid.
Hey, it's Jon here. I hope that you decide to take advantage of my incredible, life-changing offer. I'm always coming up with new products, so you never know how long this deal will be available.

Just when you least expect it, I may remove it completely off the market (like what happened with my Tinder Cheat Sheet Version 2).

Just like that and poof. Vanish. It's gone, forever. So don't wait until it's too late...start taking your life into your own hands NOW!
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