Unlock Your Greek God Physique – By Using The Most Powerful Workout Routine Ever Created

Here's Some of What You'll Get When You Purchase "Body of an Alpha" Today:

Here's Some of What You'll Get When You Purchase "Body of an Alpha" Today:

  • The Ultimate A-Z Workout Program That Even A Dummy Could Follow, Which Lets You Build A Body That Turns Heads... So You Can Attract ANY Woman You Want!
  • Discover The BIGGEST Myths in the Fitness Industry That Will Destroy Your Progress... So You Can Shave YEARS Off Your Learning Curve, And Get The Body of an Adonis Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible
  • Full Nutrition & Dieting Layout, And How You Can Avoid Wasting Time With Fad Diets That Don't Work... So You Can Get The Body You Want in a Flash!
  • 3 Free Bonuses That Will Save You HOURS of Countless Research, And Years of Hard Work, So You Can Transform Your Body in 60 Days!
Here's What's Inside
The "Body of an Alpha" Program:
 IMPORTANT! READ THIS! Everything You Will Receive With The "Body of an Alpha" Program Plays A Critical Role in Helping You Build Muscle & Burn Fat...

Here's What You'll Get When You Buy Today...

  • Look Like A Greek God - Learn The Exact Workout Routine I Used to Build My "Greek God" Physique - So You Can Easily Build Your Own
  • Build Muscle Fast - No More Waiting Years to Add Muscle onto Your Frame - Discover The Secrets That The Experts Use to Pack on Muscle FAST!
  • Accelerated Fat Loss - Losing Fat Doesn't Have to Be Hard. In Fact, Once You Buy This Program & Use The Tricks You're Going to Get, You'll Literally Be Able to Watch Pounds and Pounds of Fat Just Melt Away
  • Fundamentals of Lifting - Discover The "Iron Rules" of Lifting. If You Break ANY of These, You Will Absolutely DESTROY Your Progress in the Gym
  • Unlimited Female Attention - Imagine How Easy It Will Be For You to Get Girls When You Look Like A Greek God. It's Like "Game" on "Easy Mode"
  • ...And Much, MUCH More!
The Body of an Alpha Program is For...
Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced
If You're New to Lifting, This is the BEST PROGRAM to Get The Greek God Physique You Want...FAST!
If You've Been Lifting For 1+ Years, This is The Best Program to SHOCK Your System, and SUPERCHARGE Your Gains!
Even If You've Already Gained 15+ Pounds of Muscle, This Program Will Take Your Physique To The NEXT LEVEL!
You want a "Greek God Physique" that turns heads, right?

The kind of physique that gets you INSTANT attraction...

Tons of new dates...

And girls RIPPING your shirt off in public...

And you DON'T want to spend three hours a day in the gym...

Or follow some stupid, impossibly difficult "diet plan" right?

If so, then this is the program for you...

The Body of an Alpha Program Has Been Designed to Help EVERYONE, From Beginners, to Intermediate Lifters, to Advanced Lifters, MAXIMIZE Their Natural Physique Potential!

Normally $397
Yours For Just $97!

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Jon Anthony Has Been Featured In:
ATTENTION: Hard Gainers, Skinny Guys, & Men Trying to Build Muscle FAST...
Don't Even THINK About Lifting Weights Until You Read This Message...

From the Desk of Jon Anthony
Washington, D.C.
Dear friend,

Did you know that over 89% of women prefer a man with a very specific type of body?

It's true...

A recent survey of over 100,000 women proved this is the body they fantasize about most when they masturbate.

This look isn't the super ripped body you might think it is.

Actually, it's probably not what you think at all.

But, when you have THIS LOOK it tells women:
  • You're an alpha male with a high chance of survival
  • You have a strong immune system
  • She will benefit from having sex with you
You see, this is the body that has proved the most successful through millions of years of evolution.

So women want to pair with men who have it.

Every time I meet a guy who has this body he tells me he gets more girls than he can handle.

One guy put it perfectly...

"When they see my body it's like cranking up the moisten knob on their vagina."

So I have to ask you...

What would you do if women were already attracted to you before you opened your mouth?

What would it feel like to see a girl's eyes pop when you take off your shirt?

What would it be like to have women ask to rub their hands on your chest, arms and abs?

And what if I said you can chisel that look out of your current body RIGHT NOW ... without living in the gym ... and without having to go on steroids?


If you want 89% of women to be attracted to you then read on.

Because I'm about to show you how you can get THIS EXACT BODY in 3 months or less guaranteed.

"Best Decision I Ever Made..."

"Since I started using Jon's Body of an Alpha program, in just a few months I dropped off my beer gut and am now starting to get a visible six pack abs!"

"In fact, the other night out, a girl tried to put her hand up my shirt and feel them LOL - I had to tell her to slow down, but this type of thing happens to me all the time now that I've been following Jon's workout program."

"If you're on the fence about buying it, I can relate - but trust me, every man needs to use this program. Not only will you FEEL more confident and amazing, but you'll get WAY more female attention and respect from men, too!"

-Mark Sing, 41
Fort Collins, Colorado
Why 1.618 is The Most Important Number You'll Hear All Year
Most guys think women are attracted to hulking muscles and 4% body fat.

But here's the good news...


Women think guys who work out all the time are "narcissistic and insecure."

Instead, girls strongly prefer what's called a "V-tapered" physique.

This means your shoulders are wider than your waist — forming a V-shape — with a should to waist ratio of 1.618.

Think about Greek statues. That's a V-taper. Are those statues jacked beyond belief? Nope. Not at all.
They're balanced ... symmetrical ... with toned muscles and low body fat.
To get this number you measure the circumference of your shoulders then divide that number by the circumference of your waist.


They call it the "Golden Ratio."

Because men who have it are consistently ranked as the most attractive to women.

Even guys who are far more handsome...
Guys who are taller... with more hair ... with bigger muscles ... whatever.

So what does this all mean for you?

It means you have absolute power to control your physical attractiveness.

With a little hard work — pointed in the right direction — you can become HOTTER to women.

And in far less time than you think!

It's all about getting what I call "The V-taper Golden Ratio."

"The Results Came So Fast..."

"I decided to buy Jon's Body of an Alpha program and give it a try for a few months, and I was not disappointed. The workouts are fast, but very intense, so I save time at the gym - and the results came so fast, too."

"Within a month I started noticing a difference, and after a few months I looked like a totally different person. My family and friends all started commenting on how I lost so much weight and was in such good shape."

"It's nice to feel so confident in my own body!"

-Ethan Nguyen, 26
Aberdeen, South Dakota
Looks Don't Matter. Well, Sort of...
It's trendy in the seduction community to say looks don't matter.

They tell you this so they can sell you more junk.

But the truth is, looks do matter.

They matter a lot.

At least when it comes to your body.

The trick, of course, is to have the right kind of body.

I see so many guys doing the WRONG THING when it comes to their physique.

They either let themselves go completely (like getting fat or staying skinny)

Or they go to the other extreme...

Putting in YEARS of hard work ... killing themselves in the gym ... oftentimes to get the REVERSE EFFECT with women!

How bad must that suck, right?

You live in the gym to get more girls but you actually get less girls?

Every time I see a guy doing this I say to myself:

"Dude, what are you doing!? You're working 10 times as hard for 1/10th the results!"

I've seen guys get seriously depressed because of this.

And I don't want that to happen to you.

But honestly, it's a legitimate concern.

Because few guys know how to get the right kind of body that attracts women.

The same body I'm about to share with you here.
How to Get The Body of an Alpha
in 5 Simple Steps...
Step 1) Get excited because you already have the V-taper Golden Ratio within you — ALL GUYS DO!

Step 2) Get a workout routine specifically designed to build the essential muscles of your V-taper.

Step 3) Get a diet that sheds fat around the bottom part of your V-taper while it simultaneously supports your build.

Step 4) Measure your current ratios ... dial up where needed ... dial down where needed ... and hit it hard for 3+ months until you achieve the perfect 1.618 ratio.

Step 5) Watch how women react to you now...
Why I'm Qualified to Help You Get The Body Women Can't Resist
A few years ago I was so small you could've smuggled me across the border in a suitcase.

I was skinny-fat; the worst kind of 'out of shape' you could possibly be in. 

So I did as I always do ... I researched. 

I got REALLY EXCITED when I discovered how women are programmed to be attracted to the V-taper Golden Ratio...

Especially when I found the studies on women's fantasies when they masturbate.
Jon Anthony
Fitness Model, Health & Wellness Author, Entrepreneur, and Cryptocurrency Investor 
I knew this Golden Ratio thing was the answer to attract more women.

So I shifted my research into how I could achieve it.

I studied all the greats of muscle building and physique training.

And I came across a concept called "Hybrid Training."

First created by Russian bodybuilders, hybrid training combines strength training ... mass training ... and high intensity interval training.

Month by month, year by year, I slowly and PAINSTAKINGLY improved this program to become the absolute best routine on the market.

I combined it with the most cutting edge dietary technology available today...

And I'm proud to possess the single best protocol to get the V-taper Golden Ratio — the Body of an Alpha — in the fastest way possible.

I don't say this to brag ... it's actually kind of uncomfortable to write.

But on a topic as confusing as physique training, it's important you know your instructor is worth listening to (and trusting your sex life to).

I adjusted and tweaked the protocol countless times over the next several years until I had a program that works for ALL MEN.

I put all my wisdom and experience into my book called...

Body of an Alpha

Normally $397
Yours For Just $97!

(That's me on the front cover there).

This program has helped overweight dudes ... skinny dudes ... jacked dudes ...

And all of them — to a man — ended up with the V-taper Golden Ratio (and the women to prove it).

The beautiful thing about "Body of an Alpha" is that it's fully customizable depending on your specific needs.

In other words...

It will get you your V-taper in the quickest, easiest way possible.

As a matter of fact...

It is my personal guarantee that if you give this program your honest effort, you too can have the body women fantasize about when they masturbate.

So if you're sick and tired of having a body that doesn't attract women...

If you're fed up with playing with all the chips stacked against you...

And if you're ready — REALLY READY — to experience what it's like to have women drool over your body and treat you like a piece of meat...

Then "Body of an Alpha" is specifically for YOU!
Here's Just a Small Fraction of The Secrets You'll Discover When You Invest in "Body of an Alpha"  Today:
First, You'll Learn How to Build Muscle INCREDIBLY FAST, Including...
  • The all important "Body of an Alpha" workout routine for breaking down your muscle fibers to the maximum extent possible — encouraging rapid growth and unprecedented strength gains.
  • The most potent compound exercise ever developed for building muscle fast. This routine jacks testosterone and growth hormone simultaneously — shooting you past any stall points, and helping you carry momentum week after week.
  • The P.H.A.T. theory, and why using it in all your workouts will give you the all-important V-taper that women go crazy for.
  • The biggest mistake you can make on your journey to getting the Body of an Alpha,and how to avoid it right out of the gate.
Second, You'll Get My Fiercely Guarded Strength Training Protocol, Including...
  • My very own strength days training routine. The same routine I spent years perfecting ... and the same routine that quickly carves your body into a V-cut aesthetic.
  • Why using strength days in conjunction with a 3 day split will allow you to shatter your personal records with every workout.
  • Why gains are made HERE, and the 6 things you must do to give your body everything it needs to grow and develop to its full potential.
  • The mistake 90% of "bros" make in the gym ... decreasing their strength and size while they damage their tendons, ligaments, and joints.
Third, You'll Get What I Call The "Body of an Alpha Fat Incinerator"...
  • Not a fan of cardio? Join the club! In the "Body of an Alpha" workout program you only have to do 15 minutes of cardio once a week! And yes, it's enough to melt off fat even if you're 100 pounds overweight. This protocol also released powerful growth hormones to compound muscle gains on strength & mass days.
  • How my Fat Incinerator jacks testosterone and 'lights the furnace' — melting off fat, replacing it with muscle, and boosting your energy levels through the roof.
  • Why this cardio routine puts your body into a metabolic energy matrix, kicking fat burning hormones into high gear while screaming to your body: "Build More Muscle!"
  • How pairing this program with strength & mass days will tone your legs without them getting too bulky as you achieve an athletic body that's healthy, strong, and attractive.
Fourth, You'll Get My Full Nutrition Layout, Including Customizable Options For Your Specific Body Type and Needs
  • In this section you'll be shown why you need to throw out all the trendy diet fads and stick with THIS proven, time-tested regimen. And you'll learn exactly how to adjust it to fit the unique needs of YOUR BODY.
  • Next, you'll learn how to keep yourself full while you still shed fat. And how suffering through waves of hunger and weakness isn't necessary for shredding.
  • You'll learn WHEN to eat protein, WHEN to eat carbs & fats, and WHEN to give yourself cheat days. And how simply timing your intakes correctly will slam your progress into warp speed.
  • You'll learn how to plan out your entire week's meal plans so you can "set it and forget it" ...saving tons of time and eliminating decision fatigue from your regimen.
Finally, You'll Learn How to Properly Rest and Recuperate Your Body, Including:
  • The "rule of non-recovery," and why without this master key ingredient you won't build any muscle ... no matter how much you work out.
  • How to stop the muscle stealing evil called "cortisol." And how to keep crushing it so you can maximize your gains without feeling like you're running with a parachute on.
  • You'll learn my 5 'Recovery Hacks' that help your body rebuild faster and stronger — maximizing your gains literally while you sleep.
  • You'll get the critical concept of "deload," and why it's absolutely essential to smash through progress walls and stall points.
This is just a tiny fraction of what you'll learn in this program.

Everything you need to get the body women prefer is right here in this book.
Look What Others Are Saying About
"Body of an Alpha" :
-Manuel Gomez, 24, Santa Fe, New Mexico
"Best decision of my life."
"It's incredible how much my life has changed since I bought your program, Jon. I feel absolutely incredible and am still in complete disbelief about how things are.

"I'm as confident as I've ever felt in my entire life, girls are absolutely OBSESSED with me, and my friends are all wondering how I got so jacked so fast..."

"I cannot thank you enough, man. You really outdid yourself this time, and you've got a follower for life."
"Everything I was doing in the gym was absolutely wrong and I had no idea. I'd been lied to by so many "experts" and didn't even have a clue..."

"Just a few months after using your routine, I feel like a new man - everywhere I walk, girls are staring at me. Sometimes they even walk up and ask to feel my abs!"

"I swear, buying your program was the best decision I ever made. Thank you so much dude for everything."
"Every girl in my class has started commenting on my arms..."
-Darnell Johnson, 19, Rockford, Illinois
"My abs are popping..."
"As someone who never really paid much attention to my diet and health, I was as skinny as a bean pole. But I decided to give Body of an Alpha a try, because I've been reading your blog for 2 years now and you give out really great advice."

"After just a month and a half of using your special routine, I'm completely blown away. My muscles are all bigger and bulging, my abs are popping, and several of my female friends have even asked to see me shirtless..."

"I swear Jon, this is like a dream come true. Please keep it up with the great content, I can't wait to see what I look like in 6 months!!!"
"Changed my life in more ways than you can imagine..."
"Your Alpha Fat Incinerator has me in complete shock and awe..."
"I've tried everything to lose weight, and I hate NOTHING more than those damn 45 minute long cardio sessions every day a week...so when you told me that I could shred fat with just 15 minutes of cardio a week, I have to be honest, I was pretty skeptical."

"After trying it just once though, I knew it worked - I could literally feel my body's metabolism ramping up. It was like someone gave me a shot of "jacked in a bottle," because I felt better than I'd ever felt since I was 16."

"It's only been a month and a half, and using the fat loss protocol that you recommend, I've lost 25 pounds...I'm absolutely ecstatic dude, please share this with the world...every single man needs to know about this!"
-Paul Rubin, 24,
Portland, Maine
"The results have been amazing..."
-Cameron Moore, 26,
Miami Gardens, Florida
"Girls are asking to feel my abs..."
"Ever since I started doing your "Alpha Abs and Arms" routine, girls have been asking to feel my biceps and ab muscles NONSTOP. It's like you tapped into a magic fucking spell or something, dude. It's unreal."

"I can't believe I didn't buy this sooner - honestly I can't believe you're not charging more for this program. If I were you I'd charge at least $100 or $200 for this program..."
Now that I've got you all fired up (and myself fired up, too)...

I want to tell you about a special promotion I'm running for this program.

Since you've read this far into the letter that tells me you're serious about getting the Body of an Alpha.

It tells me you're willing to put in the work...

To get after it like a Spartan...

And to keep the motivation of 'MORE GIRLS' in front of you.

Specialized workout programs of this caliber usually sell for big bucks.

Especially ones that actually WORK.

I've personally taken programs with not even 1/10th of this valuable information for upwards of $300.

But you're not going to pay $300 for "Body of an Alpha."

In fact, you won't even pay a fraction of that.

Since I'm eager to build my reputation as the "go-to guy" for getting the body women prefer...

And since I know you're going to send me a fist-pumping email once you achieve your sexy V-taper...

I'd like to extent to you a limited time, introductory offer of just $97.

Nope, your eyes didn't blur making you read that wrong.

Like I said...

I want you to have this book.

The benefit for me is the reputation I'm building by getting it into the hands of aspiring Greek gods like yourself.

Once everyone knows how badass this program is, I'll raise the price.


If you're truly serious about getting the body women fantasize about when they masturbate...

Then grab your copy of "Body of an Alpha" today.

Just click the Instant Access button below and you'll be taken inside.

There you'll get your own copy of this revolutionary training program.

And you can start your V-taper transformation NOW.

Normally $397
Yours For Just $97!

60 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
Secure payments through PayPal or Credit Card
WAIT! Just to Make This a Complete No-Brainer, I'm Also Throwing in Some Awesome Bonuses...
Bonus #1
Bonus #1
First, you'll get my super popular "Exercise Demonstration Guide."

In this important guide, I outline the proper way to execute your "Body of an Alpha" workout routines.

I show you the correct form for each exercise... so you can milk every drop possible out of your efforts.

Doing these exercises correctly will be responsible for 50% of your progress.

So I'm handing you my step-by-step guide for achieving your V-taper in the shortest time possible.
Normally $59 But Now it's Yours FREE!
Bonus #2
Next, you're going to get my no B.S. guide to legal steroids — "Alpha Supplements."

In this book I lay out all the gory details when it comes to legal steroids.

I know steroids aren't for everyone.

But let's face it...

Using them is like putting a nitro boost on your progress.

In fact, a lot of these legal steroids are so powerful the FDA is currently trying to BAN them.

But worry not.

I lay out absolutely everything you need to know to "experiment wisely."
Normally $79 But Now it's Yours FREE!
Bonus #3
Bonus #3
Lastly, I'm going to show you how to PUMP UP YOUR MUSCLES BY 37% right before you go out.

In this step by step guide, I'll walk you through my muscle-shocking routine to get your muscles absolutely Ja-JA-JACKED!

This program utilizes the EXACT SAME SCIENCE that elite bodybuilders use before they step out on stage.

And you can do it all from the comfort of your own home!

I usually knock it out before I take a shower, and the entire routine only takes about 10 minutes.

The swell lasts about 4-6 hours - just enough time for you to throw around some biceps at whatever venue is lucky enough to have you.

Just imagine... how will girls will react to you when you've got a 37% pump on your body?

You'll look way more jacked... you'll be way more confident... you'll command way more respect... and most importantly, girls will be eyeballing your swole body before you even start talking to them.

And the best part is, "Pumped to Pull"  is yours absolutely free when you invest in "Body of an Alpha"  — and yourself — today!
Normally $99 But Now it's Yours FREE!
Bonus #4
And lastly, you'll get exclusive, VIP membership to the "Masculine Development Tribe" hosted on Facebook.

This is where like-minded Alphas come together to inspire action... share stories... ask questions... make connections... find wing men... and get motivated for the battle of life.

Jon will also make himself available to answer member questions PERSONALLY.

Very few coaches  give their students that kind of access!

Let's face it...

No one can succeed alone.

So when you have fellow Alphas to connect with, your results will shoot through the roof.

And your membership is absolutely free for life when you invest in "Body of an Alpha"  today!
Normally $399 But Now it's Yours FREE!
So Let's Review What You Get By Ordering Now...
"Body of an Alpha" ... Retail $297, Yours For Just $97

"Exercise Demonstration Guide" ... Retail $59, Yours FREE!

"Alpha Supplements" ... Retail $79, Yours FREE!

"Pumped to Pull" ... Retail $99, Yours FREE!

"Masculine Development Tribe" ... Retail $399, Yours FREE!
Total Value $933
Yours For Just $97!
60 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
Secure payments through PayPal or Credit Card
"Body of an Alpha" Also Includes My Famous 60 Day No B.S. Money Back Guarantee!
None of my offers would be complete without me standing tall on my promises.

So here's the deal...

If you're ready to take your body to the next level...

If you want all the secrets and tricks I've created to get your Golden Ratio...

And if you want to be a sex object in the eyes of women...

Then simply reserve your copy of "Body of an Alpha"  here.

Next, commit 60 days to the program.

For the next 60 days block off the required time (usually about an hour) to go through that day's routine.

Read the instructions ... follow the workouts ... and adhere to the diet.

Then, see for yourself how it affects your physique and the women around you.

If — for any reason after you've completed the 60 days — you're not satisfied with your brand new body...

Then just send me an email and you'll get an instantaneous refund of your full $20 dollars.

And you can even keep the bonuses at my expense!

I run a tight battleship here at Masculine Development.

And my #1 priority is your satisfaction.

So feel good to take the plunge right now.

You have absolutely nothing to lose. It's my guarantee!
Lastly, I Need to Give You A Sincere Word of WARNING...

YOU HAVE NO IDEA the kind of attention you're about to get from girls.

They'll stare at you ... admire you ... flirt with you ... and even TOUCH YOU without your permission.

They'll do crazy things like lift up your shirt mid conversation without blinking an eye.

Or reach down your pants while laughing like a fiend.

You think guys are creepy?

Wait until you experience a girl who's attracted to your body!


But let's face it. We're dudes. And we WANT that kind of attention, don't we?!

Imagine how good it will feel knowing that dozens of girls want to fuck you every single day ... and all you have to do is learn a little game to bring them home.

Let me tell you from personal experience — it feels pretty damn good.

Hell, just last summer I took my shirt off at the pool and at LEAST half the girls turned their heads.

"Oh my God," I heard them whisper. "Who is that guy?"

As I looked around I saw dozens of sexy girls in bikinis looking at me.

They were playing with their hair ... eyeing me up and down ... and staring at my body.

I'm not saying this to brag.

I'm saying it so you know what's possible, my friend.

Imagine how that would feel ... right now!
Vividly envision yourself walking down the street and catching beautiful women eyeing you as they pass.

Imagine the look on a new girl's face when she sees you take off your shirt.

Imagine what it will feel like to go to the pool and be able to flirt with literally any girl there.

Vividly envision yourself walking down the street and catching beautiful women eyeing you as they pass.

Imagine the look on a new girl's face when she sees you take off your shirt.
Imagine what it will feel like to go to the pool and be able to flirt with literally any girl there.

Women LOVE guys with nice bodies.

Especially guys who have the lean, healthy, muscular physique you're about to get with "Body of an Alpha."

So your time has come...

It's time to FINALLY give yourself the look women go crazy for.

Your new body is just on the other side of saying yes right now.

So click the "Instant Access" button and launch yourself down the path of pure sexual magnetism.

Normally $397
Yours For Just $97!

I'm telling you ... it's all about getting that V-taper Golden Ratio.

Once you have that, you'll be blown away by what it will do for your sex life.

I'll see you inside!
P.S. - Remember, women are biologically programmed to be attracted to men with a shoulder to waist ratio of 1.618. They call it the "Golden Ratio." And when you have it, women can't help but want to have sex with you. This is the only program on the market specifically designed to give you that exact look. Trust me on this one ... when you get the Body of an Alpha ... you're going to LOVE the attention that girls will give you!
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