Jon Anthony Presents:
Bitcoin Millionaire
How to Make a 6-Figure Income Trading Cryptocurrencies
Let Me Teach You How to Become A Bitcoin Millionaire 
It's time to end the confusion, cut through the bullshit, and discover the biggest opportunity in the past 50 years to explode your wealth and income.

There are three major problems with "trading" programs on the market today:
  • The "traders" that sell these don't actually make any money from trading - in other words, they're SCAMMERS.
  • They focus on making small trades of 5% a month, that will take you YEARS to make a million dollars.
  • They're NEVER honest and transparent about their trading history, because they can't trade worth shit.
For a trading program to work, it has to be simple, easy to follow, and guide you step-by-step through the money making process that I use each day.

And that's exactly what "Bitcoin Millionaire" will do.
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ATTENTION: Why This Is The Most Important Letter You'll Read All Year
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From The Desk of Jon Anthony
Washington, D.C.
Dear friend,

Imagine if you could send a note to yourself in 1997.

What would it say?

You might write something like...

"This is the future you. PURCHASE AS MANY .COM  WEBSITES AS YOU CAN!"

Just imagine...

If you bought a handful of good websites in 1999 you'd be a millionaire right now.

You'd be reading this letter from your beachfront property.

You wouldn't have to work.

You wouldn't have to drag yourself out of bed every morning.

You'd be relaxing on your balcony... listening to the ocean... and planning your next adventure.

For most of us, BIG opportunities are rare.

They'll knock on your door only once or twice in our lifetime.

Smart people will take advantage of them.

Dumb people will kick themselves after.

The only difference between the two is foresight.

Those who had the foresight to invest in the .com boom are parking their yachts in beautiful harbors... or partying in their very own nightclubs.

Those who didn't — like you and me — are saying to ourselves:

"I'll never make THAT mistake again!"

Yes, we missed the first opportunity.

But right now, there's a BIGGER opportunity waiting on our doorstep.

It's Bitcoin.

And some of the smartest people in the world are saying it's the most important invention since the internet.

"Bitcoin will do to banks what email did to the postal industry."

-Rick Falkvinge, Founder of the Swedish Pirate Party

The truth is, we're sitting on a time bomb waiting to explode.

And in this letter you'll discover why RIGHT NOW is the best time to grab your seats for the big show.

You'll learn my breakthrough method for making up to $6,523 a month of passive income with Bitcoin.

And EXACTLY how to leverage your Bitcoin investments so that by 2022 you can join me as a Bitcoin Millionaire.

Once you discover the method I'm about to show you...
  • You'll finally have the money to live the life you truly want.
  • You'll laugh in the face of all the naysayers who doubted you.
  • And you'll breathe a big sigh of relief knowing your financial troubles are over.
If this sounds like the kind of future you want, then I STRONGLY suggest you read on.

Because the secrets I'm about to reveal could quite literally make you a millionaire by 2022.
Bitcoin is Making More Millionaires Than We've Ever Seen Before... And This is Just The Beginning
Have you heard the incredible Bitcoin stories?

Like how a high school dropout invested a measly $100 into Bitcoin and today he's worth more than $2.3 million dollars?

Or how in 2010 a Florida programmer convinced a pizza boy to take 10,000 Bitcoins for two pizzas. 3 years later, that pizza boy was worth $7 million dollars. Today he's worth over $166 million dollars!

There are SO MANY similar stories out there.

In fact, I could fill 200 pages of my website with them.

You might even know someone who's living the good life right now because of Bitcoin.

But don't get discouraged. This is just the beginning!

And the fact that you're reading this letter right now means you're VERY LUCKY.

Because you have a once in a lifetime opportunity to get in on the bottom floor of something that's about to boom.

My prediction is in the next few years there are going to be thousands — maybe even hundreds of thousands — of Bitcoin Millionaires made.

I plan to be one of them.

How about you?
Why Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies
Are Here to Stay
Bitcoin has been on an upward trajectory since its creation in 2009.
And brilliant economists like Andreas M. Antonopoulos are predicting it's the future of currency.

Even heavyweights like Goldman Sachs went back on their initial bashing of Bitcoin — telling their investors in January of 2018 that cryptocurrency will be our next form of money (link).

As I sit here writing this very letter, the NY stock exchange just announced they'll be trading Bitcoin publicly (link).

What's more...
And many of the biggest financial experts — including CNBC's "Fast Money" — are saying Bitcoin is something investors should be taking VERY seriously (link).

The proof goes on and on.

But to compare it to something we can all relate to, just look at our history...
Our society is steadily moving into a cashless system.
  • First it was precious metals into paper money...
  • Then it was paper money into credit cards...
  • And now it's credit cards into digital currency...
What's even more interesting are the parallels to people's reaction to this evolution.

For example...
  • First there's denial of a new idea (this happened with the "ridiculous automobile").
  • Then there's anger (switching to paper money caused RIOTS in 1690).
  • Then there's resistance (people hated the idea of credit cards).
  • Finally, there's acceptance (the death of snail mail for email).
Bitcoin is taking the same path as all those game-changers that came before it.

And the fact that it's digitally based just screams FUTURE FUTURE FUTURE!

We're moving so fast with our technology can you imagine a future that isn't based on digital currency?

I can't!

So just like paper money... cars... computers... and the internet, once Bitcoin is accepted there will be no stopping it.
Even Big Hitters Are Investing in Bitcoin
If you want sound investing advice, then look no further than to the rich & successful.

Economic figureheads like Marc Cuban... Bill Gates... Sir Richard Branson... and Eric Schmidt are all investing heavily in Bitcoin.
"In the long term Bitcoin moves above $500,000 in 3 years.
I will eat my own dick on national television if it doesn't."

-John McAfee, Founder of the Anti-Virus Company McAfee Associates

In addition, 9 of the world's largest banks including JP Morgan and the Bank of Scotland have begun pouring massive funds into cryptocurrency.

The truth is, we are on the threshold of one of the most important times in our history.

Our form of money is literally changing before our eyes.

And those who are smart enough to get in on the bottom floor are going to be the future millionaires of tomorrow.

Now I can hear you saying:
"That's great proof, Jon. But isn't Bitcoin unstable? Isn't everyone
predicting the bubble to pop?"

The stability of cryptocurrency is based on "critical mass."

That means the more people who are in it, the more stable it gets.

There is over $4 billion dollars in Bitcoin traded every single day (link).
So while it may have been unstable 8 years ago, economists agree that at this point, it's highly unlikely to "crash" like it did in the past.

Take this for example...

Investors are putting billions into what're called "Cryptocurrency Mining Farms."

One company just spent $251 million building a mining farm in Montana (link).

Another company is building the largest mining farm to date in the United Kingdom (link).

And then there's China, which has so many mining farms, that it's literally producing over a quarter of the world's Bitcoin...and is planning to make even more (link).

The complexity of what mining farms do goes beyond the scope of this letter. But if you'd like, you can learn more about them here.

Mining farms are popping up all over the world in places like China, Russia, Japan, Scandinavia, Iceland, England, and the United States, just to name a few.

And their sole purpose is to make money with Bitcoin.

Think about it...

Savvy investors — from Silicon Valley visionaries to business moguls in China — wouldn't risk BILLIONS on an enterprise unless they knew something we didn't.

And every dollar invested in cryptocurrencies just makes them stronger.

In other words, each day Bitcoin gets more stable because more people are getting on board with it.

So what does this all mean for you?

It means NOW is the perfect time to get in because cryptocurrency has reached a place of stability, but it's still NEW.

So you know it can be trusted, AND you know it's going to grow.
The Dirty Underbelly of Bitcoin. Be Warned, There Are Snakes in the Grass!
Now, before we continue there's something I need to say...

Be VERY careful with who you trust in this space.

Scammers... predators... and Ponzi scheme con artists LOVE cryptocurrency.


Because it has the 2 critical elements of a perfect con...
1) It's a big opportunity
2) It's confusing to many people
When scam artists see those two elements, they come out of the weeds like snakes.

Last year I correctly warned my students of the scam Bitconnect.

No one knew it was a scam at the time, but I was shouting it from the rooftops.

Bitcoin "gurus" like Tanner J. Fox and Crypto Nick were touting the benefits of Bitconnect  to their loyal following.

Well, as I predicted, it was revealed to be a Ponzi scheme in January of 2018. And in the end, people lost BILLIONS of their hard earned cash.

Within hours, Tanner and Nick quickly deleted all their pro-Bitconnect YouTube videos, and never said a word about it again.

No apologies.

No regrets.

Instead, they're still shamelessly pushing their Bitcoin courses to students like you.

I wish there was more regulation in this space. But there isn't.

That's why it's so important to do your due diligence when it comes to ANYTHING Bitcoin related (yes, even my stuff).

Do your research... ask around... and only invest in products & strategies you KNOW you can trust (or that have a money back guarantee).

With that out of the way, let's talk about...
How I Make an Average of $6,523 a Month With Bitcoin Investing
Hi. My name is Jon Anthony.

You might already know me from my work in the fields of self-development and financial freedom.

But if we haven't met yet, welcome to my website!

For the past 10 years I've been researching and experimenting with investing.

Many would call my track record of success "lucky."

But between you and me, it's simply a matter of hard work.

When I get interested in something, I get a little, well, obsessed.

But my obsessive nature has produced some amazing results with cryptocurrency.
Here's A Quick Punch List of My Successes With Investing:
  • My very first trade of all time netted me 30% in just a few short months...that's more than 4x the average Wall Street return, in just a quarter of the time!
  • I more than doubled my money during Brexit by investing in precious metals stocks. I turned $6,000 into $15,707 without ever leaving my office chair.
  • I predicted the 12/19 Bitcoin crash and started selling out my portfolio, netting $22,952 PROFIT from just one trade. I warned my followers on Twitter...some listened, some didn't (link).
(That's Just on ONE Exchange!)
  • The average return of a Wall Street Investor is only 8% per year. My Bitcoin investments yield over 1,000% per year; even when the market is in a "downward slump." And even without "high risk betting."
  • Using highly automated SHA-256 algorithm mining, I'm literally earning money as we speak. In fact, I earn $5,095 each month like clockwork,all from this one Bitcoin investment.
  • I'm currently doubling my money each month with my system. It's 90% automated, which means it does most of the work for me.
  • I'm making a handsome 6 figure income trading crypto. This frees up my time to travel... work on my blog... and learn even more about cryptocurrency (which is my true passion).
  • I've been investing in a wide variety of currencies for 10 years... and my investments maintain a constant upward trajectory.
  • I have a cryptocurrency system based on fundamental algorithms... Fibonacci sequences... safe investing strategies... and the principle of lowest risk/highest yield.
  • I've taught my system to 56 students so far. 42 of them are cracking the 6 figure yearly income marker at the time of this letter (probably more by the time you're reading it).
My students say I have a "secret sauce."

I tend to agree with that.

But more important than my secret sauce is WHY I'm doing this.

I believe when you commit yourself to something with nothing held back then success is inevitable.

I also believe helping others achieve the same success is 90% of the joy of doing it.

It's why I write my blog to help men. And it's why I'm sitting here writing this letter.

It's my conviction, when you put your heart and soul into your work — with the main objective of helping others improve their lives — then profits will come without having to scam people out of their hard earned dollars to get them.
The Creation of "Bitcoin Millionaire"
After seeing the success my students were getting with my method...

And after some serious prodding by my Bitcoin following...

I decided it was time to create a program that lifted the curtain to my process.

In the end, I ended up with a video series I'm SUPER PROUD to put my name on.

I call it "Bitcoin Millionaire."
The Program Consists of 9 Modules... With Roughly 7 Videos in Each Module... Totaling 12 Hours of High Quality Content
And it teaches my step by step method to make over $6,000 each month of passive income with Bitcoin.

So far I've shared it with 56 of my followers.

And  — like I said above  — at the time of this letter 42 of them are making an average of $6-7k PER MONTH with my system.

The program walks you through every step of my process.

So you can quite literally look over my shoulder as I bring in the profits.

My #1 priority was to make this program comprehensive but at the same time easy to execute.

I wanted you to be able to choose your own level of involvement.

So you can become an expert cryptocurrency trader... or you can "set it and forget it" and let the system fill your bank account while you focus on other things.

I break down everything you need to know into nitty-gritty detail.

From all the different types of coins... to the methods of accumulating wealth... to mining... to lending... to trading... to value investing... and much, much more.

You'll also gain access to my incredibly profitable recommendations so you can duplicate exactly what I do on a daily basis.
Imagine if you could come to my office tomorrow and watch me as I make money with Bitcoin.


Imagine if you could slide your computer to me across the table and I'd do everything for you.

That's what I wanted to deliver with this program!
And based on the results my students have been getting thus far, that's exactly what I did deliver!

So here's my unbreakable promise to you...

If you get this program... go through the videos... and EXECUTE... then there's absolutely no reason you can't make a very handsome living from Bitcoin.

You could quit your job... work from home... and have the freedom to live your life how you want to.

And don't forget...

You'll also learn my long-term Bitcoin strategy.

So that by the time the ball drops on 2022 you'll have the absolute best chance possible of being a real life Bitcoin Millionaire.
Here Are Some of the Secrets You'll Discover When You Invest in "Bitcoin Millionaire"  Today
  • My personal method of "fundamental analysis." This is one of the main pillars of my trading success, and it's so ridiculously effective I won't share it with ANYONE outside this program. This is a six step process that really separates this course from ALL the other programs on the market (which frankly, are one peanut short of crap).
  • How to properly invest in a mining pool to make enough to live off every month. And how to get 3rd party miners to do all the heavy lifting for you so you never have to buy hardware... or computers... or even know how mining actually works.
  • My predictions for a future based on cryptocurrencies. If these come true  — which according to many smart people they will  — get ready for a crap ton of money to pour into your bank account.
  • The fiercely guarded 5 rules of trading created by some of the most successful billionaires in the world. And how to take your emotions out of the equation by using the laws of statistics and averages.
  • My 3 best methods to make money with cryptocurrency. And how to leverage each one to make over $6,000 per month.
  -Mark Sing, 41,
Red Feather, CO
"Every time my friends would mention Bitcoin, I'd roll my eyes. But my friend growing up just bought a beachfront property in Miami because he invested in Bitcoin in 2012. He won't tell me how much he's worth, but his mom hinted that he's a millionaire many times over."

"In her words: He'll never have to work again. I'm ashamed to admit it, but that pisses me off. I WISH I invested when he told me to. I think about it all the time. After following Jon's Bitcoin content for a while, I knew he was the guy I needed to learn from."

"Long story short, I'm making REALLY GOOD profits with Jon's Bitcoin test group, and I'm just reinvesting all of it back into my portfolio. I'm highly motivated to take my slice of pie like my friend did. I'm not gonna miss out again like I did the first time. I'd never forgive myself if I did."

"My goal is to be a millionaire. And if things keep going the way they are, I'm highly confident I'll make that happen within the next 2 years."
  • You'll also get my 5 core steps to a bulletproof trading practice. And how this has worked time and time again to build my portfolio to bigger and bigger gains.
  • My recommended toolbox of free Bitcoin resources to stack your bank account each month. This is like free money waiting on the ground for you to pick up.
  • How to purchase your first Bitcoin... how you don't need a big bank roll to get started... and how you can start making money with just a few dollars in your pocket.
  • My #1 recommended digital wallet, and why your money will be safe since they have never been hacked during their entire existence.
  • The "Secret Sauce" of smart investing, which almost nobody understands how to apply properly. WARNING: Get this right and you might have to quit your day job for good!
"Jon's Bitcoin Millionaire test group literally gave me step by step instructions to make over $2,500 passive income each month."

"I could make more than that, but I'm not very interested in trading, so I just get notified whenever Jon makes a trade, and then I just buy the exact same things he does. So far it's been a nice stream of income for my family and I, very thankful for Jon's guidance."

"Mr. Anthony has been incredible, and walked me through everything step by step so I know exactly what to do. Thanks a ton, Jon."
  -Valeria Lopez, 28, Austin, TX
  • You'll learn the top 3 cryptocurrencies you should be investing in RIGHT NOW. And how to use their strengths & characteristics to guide your investing decisions moving forward.
  • My method to automate your trading based on parameters you set in advance. So when Bitcoin hits a certain price, a trade is made for you, and you make money while you sleep.
  • Where you should keep most of your long term holdings. And how to be immune to hackers and scammers with the right kind of "physical wallet."
  • I'll walk you through every step of setting up accounts with the most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges. And I'll show you why using these providers will increase your daily profits by as much as 23%.
  • How to move money back and forth between your physical wallet, digital wallet, and exchanges to take advantage of short-term trading opportunities...
  -Ben Ramos, 27
Southton, UK
"I know Bitcoin better than most people, but even I was blown away by the sheer depth of this program. Jon really knows his stuff. Like REALLY REALLY knows his stuff!"

"My biggest lesson was the section on swing trading and candlestick charts. I'm making a lot of money with crypto. And if I can do it, trust me you can too."
  • We'll also go over the MANY advantages of cryptocurrency. And why I believe its independent design and freedom from suppression is the reason it's here to stay.
  • I'll walk you through the step by step process of buying Bitcoin from the single most trusted sources. And I'll show you how to bypass hours of confusion and frustration of doing it alone.
  • How to capitalize on the two major emotions that drive the market — fear and greed. And how to use the stupidity of the media to constantly line your pockets and pad your bank account.
  • How to use 2 factor authentication with your cryptocurrency accounts... the 3 secret techniques to secure your investment like Fort Knox... and how to create security questions that are 100% hacker-proof.
  • How to trade 45+ of the most popular cryptocurrencies from one secure account on both desktop and mobile.
"I'm making $8k+ a month, but people should know I do this full time. Jon and I have become friends through the executive suite and as a group we help each other make profitable trades."

"My income skyrocketed not so much because of the course (though it's great too) but because of the group space. When you have a group on your side, it's like a bunch of people helping you in a chess game. The team is the real secret sauce of this program IMO."
  -Brian Randall, 30
Stillwater, OK
Want More? Well, I Want More For You!!!
  • You'll get my 60-40 rule for managing your cryptocurrency investments. And why it's the best way to manage your emotions... make a reliable passive income... and put you in position to fully capitalize on the upcoming Bitcoin boom.
  • My strategy to "shorting and leverage trading." And why it's the place to make quick spikes in income while still keeping a conservative leash on your portfolio.
  • The 3 best ways to store your cryptocurrency. Including where to store long term holdings vs. places with medium flexibility.
  • The #1 secret of the wealthy. And why this tip will set you up for future millions (I guarantee you've never heard this one before).
  • The cryptocurrencies I suggest investing in to diversify your portfolio, as well as the ones I suggest you AVOID like the plague!

If you did reinvest that, your monthly income would increase by up to 78% each month.

Can you see now why so many of my students are living the 6 figure lifestyle?

And that's scaleable.


Even if you only have $100 to invest initially, that $100 will compound off itself until it's earning you thousands each month.

(I suggest you plug some numbers you can afford into the equation above and see what you'll make when you DO reinvest).

Naturally, the more you start with the more you'll make.

But even if you only have a tiny bit to invest initially, that's absolutely fine!

Even pocket change can turn into big dollars.

Remember the people who put $100 into Bitcoin in 2012 and are now millionaires many times over?

I believe that's going to happen again — but on a MUCH BIGGER SCALE.

So don't let any lack of funds stop you.

Get in now!

Because as we've seen, Bitcoin is going to increase exponentially in the years ahead.
Here More Secrets You'll Discover
With"Bitcoin Millionaire" 
  • MY MOST POTENT METHOD to make passive income. And how to avoid the myriad of scam "opportunities" out there with my vetted list of trusted providers. (This alone is worth the price of the full program).
  • Why a less aggressive trading philosophy = less time & stress with much fatter pay days.
  • How Bitcoin is a hedge against rampant inflation and why it has the power to stop corrupt banks dead in their tracks.
  • My "Core 4" strategies to make money with cryptocurrency... why they work 89% of the time... how they're SUPER EASY to spot... and why they're low risk and high reward.
  • How to diversify your portfolio to keep your money as safe as possible WHILE making a passive income that you can count on month after month.
"Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful."

-Warren Buffett, Founder of Berkshire Hathaway Worth $80.3 Billion
Making Money With Crypto is a
Mental Game. 
And This Program is
Your Mindset Bootcamp!
  • How to hack your mind to unfuck yourself from emotional trading decisions. And how to use LOGIC to keep your portfolio on a constant upward trajectory.
  • The best question I ever came across for deciding if a certain cryptocurrency is worth investing in. This question was created by a billionaire trader who cycles hundreds of thousands of dollars EACH DAY trading the markets.
  • How to leverage people's fear of the up-and-coming currency transformation to your unfair advantage (you'll laugh all the way to the bank on this one).
  • Why "chasing trades" is the downward spiral of investors. And how you'll benefit from other people who predictably shoot themselves in the foot.
  • How cryptocurrency is made up of people, not products. And how to use that concept to invest in your trades wisely. How VISION & TEAM play an essential role in the long term success of a cryptocurrency, and why Bitcoin has both to LAST.
During the filming of this course a HUGE prediction of mine came true. Further illustrating that hard work and research is all that's required to predict the Bitcoin market — and most importantly — make money from it.
  • I'll also show you my no-brainer method to invest in cryptocurrency. This concept is so genius — but so simple — you'll be logging onto your computer to invest in crypto before you even finish slapping your forehead.
  • The 6 "TA Principles" you will master. And how you'll use them to predict spikes and dips in crypto to trade into monthly profits.
  • How to use the principles of "Supports and Resistances" to mathematically dictate your sales and buys to keep you in a perpetual profit matrix.
  • The concept of "Fibonacci Retracements." And how I use them to predict where the value of a cryptocurrency is going to go — making money at every turn.
  • The highly misunderstood practice of "crypto lending." I'll explain why this is either a good or bad idea, and why my 60+ hours of research will save you time & headaches while you decide if it's right for you or not.
"Jon has once again proven he knows his shit. I got this course as part of his beta test group and I LOVE IT. The thought of crypto made me cringe when I first started hearing about it, but once I got the concept, it lit a fire under my ass and now I wake up everyday fired up to trade and make more money."

"I believe wholeheartedly that crypto is the future. I've told all my friends about this course. And once it officially launches, I know at least 2 of them are gonna get it. Highly suggested."
  -Robb Hoffman, 29,
Lakewood, NY
I'll Also Teach You The 4 Ways to Decide if a Cryptocurrency Has The "X-Factor" And How to Hitch Your Wagon to a Horse That Has The Best Chance of Delivering Success (Think Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, & Jeff Bezos).
  • You'll get my step by step "Passive Income Guide." In this guide, I'll show you how to make $200 a day mining Bitcoin... my best recommended mining contracts... and how I use these services to make a consistent and enjoyable income every day doing NOTHING.
  • Why I'm 100% that crypto is here to stay. Your eyes will pop when you hear what I'm about to teach you about this very important topic.
  • The concept of "FOMO" and how it's one of the biggest KILLERS of aspiring Bitcoin traders... and how to stop it dead in its tracks.
  • You'll learn my EXACT thought process when considering an investment. And the top 6 fundamental "green flags" that signal when a cryptocurrency is about to EXPLODE!
  • The subtle art of buying and selling between dips and spikes in cryptocurrency value. This is where the rubber really hits the road with this program. And once you understand the basic concepts it will be like printing money.
"In 2 years you could either retire with millions in the bank,
or continue working your shitty job."
-Jon Anthony
COPY MY SUCCESS as I continue to Pick Cryptocurrency Winners...
  • How a $100 investment can equal $180 in the first month... and how to compound your earnings month after month on an exponential curve.
  • The right guys — and the wrong guys — to follow on YouTube and social media. I'll put your finger directly on the pulse of the "social cryptocurrency  niche" so you can ride on the coattails of guys who are making a killing in this industry.
  • The concept of "Bearish Tweezers." And how they often predict a crash that's coming (and why a "crash" will more often than not be a good thing for making money with cryptocurrency).
  • The 2 reasons people lose money when they attempt to make money with crypto trading.
"I hire Jon for 3 hours a week of one on one consulting. If you have any doubts, trust me when I say, Jon knows his Ps and Qs!"
  -Eyal Rowe, 46
Los Angeles, CA
"Bitcoin Millionaire"  is The Single Most Comprehensive Program
on Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Ever Created!
  • The best 5 coins to swing trade, and the exact time frame you should get in and get out to earn quick spikes in your portfolio.
  • How to use past analysis to predict future outcomes. And how to leverage historical data so you'll walk away with even MORE money in your pocket.
  • Why the concept of "Market Cap" is your best friend when filtering out "expert's" claims of how a cryptocurrency will perform in the future.
  • You'll learn the concept of "Bullish Hammers"... how to know when sellers are pushing down a crypto's value... and when to buy just before it starts going up again.
  • How to use my "trading template" to guard you from impulsive decision making.
  -Cody Persinger, 23,
Tempe, AZ

"It feels good to wake up to more money in my bank account. That was always my goal since I was in college and i have finally achieved it."

"If you don't get this program and at least give it a try then you shouyld have your head examined."
What Would it Mean For Your Life if You Got a
Machine That Prints Money?
  • You'll also learn how to identify a "breakdown" and predict a downward crash in value so you know when to sell and lock in your profits.
  • How to use the concept of a "competitive moat" to select investments that have the staying power to last for decades to come.
  • The "head and shoulders" pattern, and how it will tell you when a cryptocurrency is about to change its trajectory... and what to do when you see one.
  • How to chart ascending and descending trend lines on your trading graph to know when a cryptocurrency is about to spike and make huge gains.
  • The concept of round numbers & digit jumping, and how to use Bitcoin milestones to predict human emotion and inevitable jumps in value.
Look How My WORST  Crypto Trades Completely Eclipse
Even My Best Stock Trades
  • Stratis (STR) Trade: Gained 64% in 1 Day Netting Me $7,592 in Profit
  • Litecoin (LTC) Trade: Gained 211% in Just 4 Days Netting Me $13,254 in Profit
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Trade: Gained 160% in Just 2 Days Netting Me $6,084 in Profit
  • Ripple (XRP) Trade: Gained 1,107% in Just 37 Days Netting Me $64,729 in Profit
And Finally, You're Going to Learn...
  • The biggest SCAMS to look out for when it comes to Bitcoin related businesses. And how/where to research before you invest your hard earned dollars into a service or program that may not have your best interests in mind. Learning to recognize the common red flags and warning signs has easily saved me over $25,000
  • How to set up buy orders to coincide with highly likely "breakout points" so you purchase immediately before a crypto SKYROCKETS (while you're out doing more interesting things).
  • How to use "chaos theory" to predict high probability price points that cryptocurrencies are practically guaranteed to hit.
  • How "value investing accumulation" is the long play when it comes to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. And the 6 questions to ask to find hidden crypto diamonds that will surge in value once we reach worldwide adoption.
  • You'll also get my 4 prized trading strategies that have helped me generate over 94% of my BEST trades in crypto!
Winning is Contagious. Here Are Some More Testimonials From Our Growing Roster of Bitcoin Success Stories...
"Jon is technically my competition because I also have a Bitcoin course on clickbank. I look at any and all courses, because I'm humble enough to know I can learn from my competitors."

"Jon's course is extremely thorough and I've borrowed many of his concepts to teach my students. He really goes in depth on how to trade and why. And the course also comes with a bevy of realistic ways to use crypto to make money in the here and now."
  -Dominic B., 43,
Miami, FL
  -Jason Swanick, 54,
London, England
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Frequently Asked Questions
Can't I Just Buy and Hold Cryptocurrencies?
Yes you can, but there are several drawbacks to this method.

1. Holding makes you miss out on MASSIVE opportunities. People could've cashed out on Bitcoin when it hit $20k and then re-invested it later for even MORE money. But with the holding method, they'd now be left holding Bitcoin at sub-$10k prices.

2. Holding alone isn't enough. You need to know WHEN to start holding.

3. The REAL money is in swing trading. This is how I can boast gains of over 500% in just a month. Because I understand WHEN and at WHAT PRICE to buy/sell. While holding is a part of my long term strategy, I don't rely on it exclusively.
What if I Try Your Course, But Don't Make Any Money?
Then just return it within 60 days and you'll get every penny of your money back!
What if I Can't Afford it Right Now?
Then honestly, you REALLY can't afford to miss out on the huge ROI we'll be creating. I designed this course specifically for people like you who want MORE money — not less.
How do I Know I Can REALLY Trust You?
I put 100% of my trades online. Any time I trade, you will be PERSONALLY notified by me in our discord texting app. Nobody trying to pull the wool over your eyes would give you that kind of transparency. Plus, I'm giving you a guarantee. This is doubly important when you realize how few people in this space actually offer their students that kind of security.
Isn't The Crypto Bandwagon Over?
Quite the contrary! Bitcoin has "died" over 273 times so far (link) according to the news, but it just keeps on coming back with a vengeance. There's a website called Bitcoin Obituaries which keeps track of how many times mainstream news sites like CNN and The Economist have declared Bitcoin to be dead.

They said it was dead when it was at $0.23, and it wasn't. They're saying it's dead now at $7,500. I don't have to tell you how ridiculous that is. As I spoke about in my letter, new ideas are ALWAYS pushed back against at first. But it's that very thing that's going to make you and I millionaires.
How Will I Access My Videos?
You will create a personal username and password that you can use to log into our video course suite. From here, you will be able to click through the entire course curriculum at your own pace.
Will I Get Any Support?
Yes. You'll have access to our "Millionaire's Executive Suite"  where we offer the best support in the industry. Simply send us a message through the suite and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. If you have questions now, feel free to contact me personally at
Is This Course For Beginners or Advanced Users?
We specifically formatted this program to be multi-layered. It will work for you if you're a beginner or if you're already an expert with cryptocurrencies. Even for the expert... we unveil potent strategies we guarantee you haven't heard before.
How Long Will it Take Before I Start Making Money?
That completely depends on you. But we've seen students get amazing results in just a matter of days. Like anything else, how much you get out of the content depends on how much you put into it.
I'm Already Making Money With Cryptocurrencies. Will This System Help Me Make More?
Unless you're so good you feel you could sell your own 12 hour program, I'm highly confident that it will. But if for any reason you don't like it, I invite you to take advantage of my 60 day money back guarantee.
When Can I Get Started?
Now that's the question I like to hear! You can get started right now. Just click the "Add to Cart" button and within seconds you'll be on your way to making a handsome living with Bitcoin.
See You Inside,
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